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Rising Stars in the Genex Beef Program

SHAWANO, Wis. - With new sire summaries, Pfizer HD 50K DNA information on young Angus bulls and another crop of calves evaluated, bulls within the Genex Cooperative, Inc. beef program are setting themselves apart in the industry. The elite bulls featured below not only offer an exceptional set of data, but are also utilized in both commercial and registered herds.

1AN01148 Dakota Gold is a sleep-all-night calving ease bull that stamps progeny with guts and do-ability. He consistently offers extremely light birth weights, but also sires progeny that perform adequately and daughters that can last. His dam, a Final Answer daughter, is one of the great cows in the breed.

1AN01170 Chisum can be utilized as an outcross bull, though he has the proven lines of EXT, Traveler 6807 and Alliance. Not only are Chisum's EPDs one of the most elite sets in the breed, his HD 50K information verifies his EPDs should remain strong. His genomic data ranks him in the top 10% for calving ease and top 1% on weaning. He injects muscle, rib shape and base width into progeny, yet calves are born easy enough to use him on heifers. His daughters are productive females with added milk while still not losing their ability to flesh easy.

The young bull, 1AN01146 Right Answer, is an obvious replacement for his sire Final Answer and possesses similar siring capability. With a tremendous EPD spread from birth to yearling (-0.6 BW to 115 YW), Right Answer is an elite performance sire that can still be used safely in heifers. This past spring, his sons were the top selling bulls in some of the most progressive breeding programs in the U.S. He sires enough body to be functional though with a little extra frame than Final Answer.

1AN01160 Eagle Eye has caught the attention of astute cattlemen. His ability to sire progeny with muscle and an attractive look, while maintaining the ability to perform well on grass, sets this bull apart in the industry. Eagle Eye is being utilized by cattlemen who desire to stand first on the tanbark and by those in the harshest regions for producing cows. His intriguing pedigree combined with a powerful full-bodied dam make him a unique sire.

1AN01184 Kodiak 9194 has the pedigree combined with the phenotype and EPDs to set him apart. While his brothers drew attention last winter as they won the National Western pen show, the Genex beef staff believes this is the best of the HF Kodiak sons. The bull's phenotypic power, extra rib and functionality make him special. Kodiak 9194 is an excellent choice for those wanting to produce commercial bulls or registered herds looking to produce the next great show heifer.

1AN01182 Brand Name is the son of the extremely popular S A V Bismarck 5682. Brand Name's cow family, flawless pedigree and performance-oriented phenotype make him a high impact sire. Confidence in a young bull is assured when he has been utilized extensively by the program that bred him, which is the case with Brand Name; he was one of the heavily used sires in the Schaff Angus Valley program this past spring.

1AN01181 Rito 9M25 has an incredible EPD tabulation and unmatched genomic profile along with structural integrity and performance. His dam is an elite cow at Wehrmann Angus; she is beautiful in her kind and productive with her progeny. Speaking volumes about his genetic abilities, Rito 9M25 was mated to more cows and heifers at Wehrmann Angus than any young bull in recent history.

1HP00829 Victor 719T is quickly becoming recognized in the commercial and registered segments of the industry. His use on virgin heifers, without sacrificing pay weight, is unmatched by many in the breed. The tremendous rib expansion and real-world look his progeny possess will make them adapt and thrive in most management situations. This bull will be a leader in siring commercial F1 replacement females and registered range bulls.

1HP00823 Revolution sires progeny that have pushed his EPD tabulations to be unmatched in the breed. His has a breed-leading birth to growth spread with elite carcass figures. His high percentile ranking and ability to sire progeny with phenotype puts him on the roster of most registered programs around the globe. Revolution is following in the footsteps of his sire, Legend 242, becoming a cornerstone sire of the breed.

The next great performance bull, 1SM00113 Tanker, is a sire with moderation of mature size yet possesses the perfect growth curve to stand up to, and exceed, larger framed sires for total weaning and yearling performance. As a 5.5 frame yearling bull, he exceeded 1600 pounds at a year of age. His first calves indicate he should drop for birth weight EPD while maintaining excellent growth potential.

1SM00115 Club King has the ability to sire progeny with width, bulging muscle and unmatched performance. He is the ideal mating for the Dream On line of cattle; his ability to add growth and mass without sacrificing their softness and functionality makes him the perfect cross. All of this, combined with moderate birth weights and standout performance numbers, make him an elite sire.

The Canadian-bred bull 1CH00958 Montezuma first caught the industry's attention while on display at the 2009 Canadian Western Agribition. After being leased by Genex and purchased by a group of U.S. breeders, he was named national champion bull at the National Western Stock Show. While competitive on the tanbark, he also possesses breed-leading EPDs and sires progeny with his same great phenotype.

Red Angus
1AR00917 Bank Statement is rancher tested and approved. His solid EPDs, performance-oriented phenotype and excellent structural integrity make him one of the great up-and-coming sires. His dam is deep-bodied with an efficient look and excellent disposition. All indications are he is siring daughters with the same docile temperament and maternal excellence.

1AR00918 Full Throttle's massive phenotype earned him the champion bull honor at the 2009 World Angus Forum, and he is passing this look onto his progeny which are standouts for width and muscle. He is a safe bet for siring performance that will compete with any Continental lines, though still makes females that are functional and productive. Full Throttle's unique pedigree, powerful type and maternal lineage are the keys for him to continue to gain popularity.

For more information on Genex beef sires, service and products, contact customer service at 888-333-1783.

Genex is a subsidiary of Cooperative Resources International (CRI). CRI, a member-owned holding cooperative, is comprised of three subsidiaries: Central Livestock Association, AgSource Cooperative Services and Genex. The CRI Mission Statement summarizes the goal of CRI: "To provide products and services as effectively as possible to maximize the profitability of members and customers worldwide while maintaining a strong cooperative."