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Jersey Generation Commitment Continues with Six New Genex Sires  

SHAWANO, Wisconsin — With the August sire summary, six new sires add profitability, fertility and conformation to the Genex Cooperative, Inc. Jersey lineup, while several previously active sires gained in reliability. Altogether, the lineup delivers genetics for developing the next generation of incredibly hard-working, efficient Jersey females that produce high component milk.

1JE00912 Faria Brothers TARHEEL-ET is the complete package. Debutting at +198 JPI™, this Bowman son portrays an impressive pedigree from the heart of the Faria herd. His dam is a VG-88% Valentino out of a VG-86% Tbone. TARHEEL is a breed leader for JUI™ at +20.6, with +107 Combined Fat and Protein (CFP) and +544 Cheese Merit $ (CM$).

New sire 1JE00908 Faria Brothers UNDERWOOD is a Volcano son at +180 JPI. Adding lots of fluid production, UNDERWOOD is over +1500 Milk and +108 CFP. This bull is +5.5 JUI with an impressive +2.0 Heifer Conception Rate (HCR).

1JE00883 Faria Brothers SNOOP-ET joins the lineup with +438 CM$ and a +162 JPI. His diverse pedigree stack, Hulk out of a Valentino, will improve udders with +8.5 JUI. He is JH1 and JH2 free. SNOOP also has an exciting +2.1 Sire Conception Rate.

1JE00900 Dupat Perform FURIOSO{4}-ET , an exciting Perform son, is a milk leader at +1214 on fluid pounds. He comes in at +153 JPI, adds longevity at +4.7 Productive Life and is ideal for use on heifers with a +1.6 HCR. This JH1 and JH2 free sire will improve udders with a +5.1 JUI and profit at +394 CM$.

1JE00902 Aardema 4025 ETHAN and 1JE00903 Aardema 4057 MARCUS are new sires activated from the Jersey GENESIS cooperator herd, Aardema Dairies in Idaho. ETHAN equates to profitability with +1042 Milk and +158 JPI. This JH1 and JH2 free sire improves udders at +17.7 JUI and adds component yields with +380 CM$. MARCUS is a Legal Promise son out of a Valentino that improves udders (+21.9 JUI) while adding bottom-line profit (+148 JPI and +390 CM$). Being JH1 and JH2 free, he is also a health trait specialist at +0.5 Daughter Pregnancy Rate, +5.3 Productive Life, +2.87 Somatic Cell Score, +1.4 Cow Conception Rate and +2.1 HCR.

The high-caliber, previously-active 1JE00892 GR Faria Brothers VANDRELL-ET is a JPI king leaping to an elite +236. This Visionary son out of PR Faria Brothers Dean Action Smith-ET, EX-92%, comes from a well-known maternal line. He offers a lot of genetic potential at +606 CM$ with a +13.0 JUI and a chart-topping +115 CFP.

1JE00889 Faria Brothers PROP JOE-ET is from the same maternal line as VANDRELL-GR. He has an intriguing +595 CM$ in combination with a +185 JPI, +19.4 JUI and +111 CFP.

1JE00792 Sunset Canyon MACHETE-ET and 1JE00791 Sunset Canyon DIVIDEND-ET added daughters and are the CRI leaders for daughter-proven genetics. MACHETE is a top 10 JPI daughter-proven sire at +182 JPI and +533 CM$. He has an impressive +39 Protein.

DIVIDEND is in the top 20 daughter-proven JPI rankings with a +176 JPI. This Valentino son is an all-around Type improver with a +20.0 JUI and +1.5 PTAT while maintaining +1100 Milk.

1JE00794 Cal-Mart Plus ZAYD, the highly utilized PLUS son, moved to the daughter-proven list at +111 JPI. ZAYD continues to add production (+1064 Milk) while improving udders (+6.9 JUI).

For more information on the Jersey lineup, contact your local Genex representative, visit or call customer service at 888-333-1783.

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