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New CRI Holstein Sires to Unite Producers' Visions with Results

SHAWANO, Wis. — Cooperative Resources International's (CRI) 24 new Holstein sires meet the high expectations of today’s dairy producers. These sires possess the trait combinations necessary to deliver continued genetic progress in health, longevity and fertility without sacrificing yield and udders. Among the 23 new releases are five over +900 for the Ideal Commercial Cow (ICC$) index and another four over +860.

Topping the list is the phenom 1HO12267 Co-op ACHILLES-ET *RC. ACHILLES stands No. 2 for ICC$ behind long-time leader 1HO11056 TROY. Like his father, 1HO10396 CABRIOLET, ACHILLES *RC will sire cows that milk, breed back and have the body condition to help get to their mature, more profitable stage of life, quicker. With his breed-leading +10.9 Productive Life and awesome fertility, he has the ability to sire cows that will last and be fertile at all stages of their career. His unique sire stack (Cabriolet x Colt-P-Red) makes him an outcross and an easy choice for profitability. Find this +986 ICC$ sire on the red and red carrier listing.

1HO12134 Co-op LIVEWIRE-ET is an extreme ICC$ bull from the GENESIS Cooperative Herd debuting at +937 ICC$ and +782 Lifetime Net Merit (LNM$). He combines +1352 Milk and +101 Combined Fat and Protein (CFP) with outstanding health traits. LIVEWIRE will deliver ICC$, production and conformation all in one package. As a sire of sons, use LIVEWIRE with confidence.

1HO12152 Co-op Jabir ALTIVO-ET, son of the influential GENESIS cow Richlawn Super April Apple, is ideal for any index: +932 ICC$, +716 LNM$, 2566 TPI®. ALTIVO daughters should have it all combining profitable production (+1306 Milk with +2.62 SCS), calving ease (3.6% Daughter Calving Ease), fertility (+5.3 Daughter Pregnancy Rate, +6.1 Cow Conception Rate) and longevity (+6.9 Productive Life). Fertile semen at 103 PregCheck™ adds further appeal.

1HO11393 No-Fla DUGGER-ET offers extreme production traits, with his maternal grandsire being the progeny-proven production specialist 1HO09800 ERDMAN. He is yet another bull in the lineup with top-shelf ICC$. DUGGER sires extreme Milk (+1718) without sacrificing components and desirable calving traits. His dominant ICC$ and LNM$ make him an easy choice as a sire of sons and also for the commercial producer.

1HO11390 Co-op DD Krunch CAPONE-ET makes his debut at +896 ICC$. His diverse pedigree (Krunch x Dorcy) gives breeders abundant opportunities for use. CAPONE will sire daughters with outstanding udders and trouble-free calvings. He also transmits strong mastitis resistance and appropriate body condition.

1HO12539 Co-op Skyline YIKES-ET makes his first appearance on the active list and in the top 10 for ICC$ at CRI. His ability to transmit strong health traits and longevity (+8.1) come as no surprise with Yoyo as his maternal grandam. Moderate frame traits, strong mastitis resistance (106) and relevant body condition (108) make YIKES an obvious mating sire for cows that are too tall and too angular for the commercial dairy industry.

With his arrival, 1HO12164 Co-op Jabir TRANSFORMER-ET joins his maternal brothers 1HO11425 TWINKIE and 1HO11427 TAURINO as a production specialist at +51 Protein and +1714 Milk. TRANSFORMER is an excellent choice for improving profit by increasing yield revenue, improving milk quality and lengthening productive life. With excellent ICC$, TRANSFORMER does everything expected from a great Tasket son.

Used extensively as a mating sire, 1HO11611 Hollermann BLGA BAMBINO-ET (Beluga x Hill) delivers elite ICC$ with a great +2.09 Udder Composite. He improves production (+1220 Milk) with sacrificing quality with an extremely low +2.50 Somatic Cell Score. He’s also among the industry’s elite for Productive Life at +8.1.

1HO11619 Old-Dominion YUMYUM-ET is an exciting new grad at +860 ICC$. YUMYUM improves Protein and Fat (0.05%, 0.13%) and has +110 CFP. His unique sire stack of Yowza x Freddie x Sharky x Lynch makes him easy to use on the not so unique pedigrees. Daughters will be quiet-fast milking and produce high component, high quality milk.

Take advantage of how genomic selection has proven to accelerate genetic improvement and dairy farm profits. Benefit from CRI’s focus on high-yielding, long-lasting, reproductively-efficient and trouble-free cows. 

For more information about the Holstein lineup, contact your CRI distributor.

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