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Introducing Eight Great Genex Jersey Releases

SHAWANO, Wisconsin - Genex Cooperative, Inc. announces the addition of eight new sires to the lineup, headlined by the highly anticipated 1JE00921 EUSEBIO.


GR Faria Brothers Marvel Eusebio, VG-86%


EUSEBIO puts together an elite genetic package. After being syndicated in the 2014 All-American Sale, this Harris son joins the lineup with a breed-leading +221 JPITM. He delivers cheese production ability, as evidenced by his +586 Cheese Merit (CM$), +1232 Milk and +114 combined Fat and Protein (CFP). To top it all off, he sports a +16.1 JUITM and +1.6 PTA Type.

1JE00922 RONALDO, a Harris son debuts at an impressive +220 JPI and +569 CM$. He combines strong components numbers (+47 Protein, +61 Fat) with a +4.6 Productive Life and +6.6 JUI. RONALDO is a maternal brother to 1JE00889 PROP JOE.

1JE00909 BAILEY is the first Co-op prefix bull to graduate through GENESIS. A Zayd son, BAILEY boasts an impressive index numbers (+189 JPI, +527 CM$) along with his +110 CFP, +1.2 PTAT and +5.6 JUI.

1JE00919 TUPAC combines a big production number (+1363 Milk) with impressive fertility at +0.5 Cow Conception Rate (CCR) and +1.5 Heifer Conception Rate (HCR). This Harris out of a Renegade registers at +501 CM$ and +194 JPI.

Bringing diversity to the lineup is 1JE00923 TAZER, a Soprano out of a Visionary. This bull is +169 JPI and +495 CM$. Plus, he'll improve udders with a +12.7 JUI while providing impressive health traits: +7.1 PL, +1.1 CCR and +2.5 HCR.

1JE00925 DANKO is an exciting Pilgrim son from the Cal-Mart herd. He earns his spot in the lineup with a +170 JPI and impressive +11.8 JUI and +493 CM$. He is a daughter fertility specialist at +1.7 Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR) and complements that with a +5.2 PL.

1JE00920 BOOSIE carries an intriguing sire stack of Plus x Marvel x Renegade. He comes in +162 JPI and +429 CM$ and adds type with +1.4 PTAT and +12.9 JUI.

A new GENESIS graduate from the Aardema herd is 1JE00916 TRISTAN. This Score out of a Volcano will add fluid pounds at +1125 Milk and records a +159 JPI. He is +421 CM$ and also improves fertility with +0.8 CCR and +1.5 HCR.

Click here to view the full Jersey lineup. For more information on Genex Jersey sires, contact your local Genex representative or call customer service at 888-333-1783. For the latest Genex Jersey news, sign up for the e-newsletter.

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