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Introducing Five Great CRI Jersey Releases

SHAWANO, Wisconsin — Cooperative Resources International (CRI) announces the addition of five new sires to the lineup, headlined by the highly anticipated 1JE00921 EUSEBIO. 


GR Faria Brothers Marvel Eusebio, VG-86%

EUSEBIO puts together an elite genetic package. After being syndicated in the 2014 All-American Sale, this Harris son joins the lineup with a breed-leading +221 JPI™. He delivers cheese production ability, as evidenced by his +586 Cheese Merit (CM$), +1232 Milk and +114 combined Fat and Protein (CFP). To top it all off, he sports a +16.1 JUI™ and +1.6 PTA Type.

1JE00922 RONALDO , another Harris son debuts at an impressive +220 JPI and +569 CM$. He combines strong components numbers (+47 Protein, +61 Fat) with a +4.6 Productive Life and +6.6 JUI. RONALDO is a maternal brother to 1JE00889 PROP JOE.

1JE00909 BAILEY is the first Co-op prefix bull to graduate through GENESIS. A 1JE00794 ZAYD son, BAILEY boasts impressive index numbers (+189 JPI, +527 CM$) along with his +110 CFP, +1.2 PTAT and +5.6 JUI.

1JE00919 TUPAC combines a big production number (+1363 Milk) with impressive fertility at +0.5 Cow Conception Rate (CCR) and +1.5 Heifer Conception Rate (HCR). This Harris out of a Renegade registers at +501 CM$ and +194 JPI.

1JE00920 BOOSIE carries an intriguing sire stack of Plus x Marvel x Renegade. He comes in +162 JPI and +429 CM$ and adds type with +1.4 PTAT and +12.9 JUI.

For more information on the CRI Jersey sire lineup, contact your local CRI distributor.

About CRI
Cooperative Resources International (CRI), headquartered in Shawano, Wisconsin, is the global leader in delivering excellence, innovation and value to members and customers. Built from organizations dating back to the 1920s, CRI and its subsidiaries – AgSource Cooperative Services, Genex Cooperative, Inc. and MOFA Global – encompass more than 1,500 employees dedicated to meeting the needs of individuals linked to the land through plant and animal production. Learn more at