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Genex Adds New Sires for the Jersey Generation

SHAWANO, Wisconsin — With the April sire summary, Genex Cooperative, Inc. graduates four new Jersey sires. These new debuts add to an extensive lineup already jam-packed with bulls touting incredible credentials to produce efficient, trouble-free and fertile cows for the Jersey generation.

DP Dimension Wesley 1468{5}-ET, VG-87%

1JE00929 WISDOM{6} makes his official debut with an elite +207 JPI™. This early Badger son hails from the GENESIS Cooperative Herd and boasts exciting numbers across the board. He is +578 Cheese Merit (CM$), +103 Combined Fat and Protein (CFP) and maintains an impressive +13.6 JUI™. WISDOM will improve milk quality with an extremely low Somatic Cell Score (+2.75) and add Productive Life (+4.6).
1JE00928 COMANCHE, an Axis son from the Ahlem Farm Partnership, graduates to the active lineup with an exceptional +200 JPI. He adds profitability in his +1338 Milk and +501 CM$. With his pedigree (Axis x Legal x Iatola) and +17.8 JUI, COMANCHE promises to stamp standout udders on his daughters too.
1JE00934 CRUISER debuts with exceptional yield traits. This Badger son is +98 CFP, and he stands at +555 CM$ and +192 JPI. CRUISER also leads the charge on health traits at +0.6 Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR) and +5.1 Productive Life (PL) as well as +1.4 Cow Conception Rate and Heifer Conception Rate.
Rounding out the four new sires, CRUISER’s full brother 1JE00933 CORDOBA joins the lineup with a great genetic profile. He comes in at +165 JPI, +492 CM$ and +12.3 JUI. Another health trait leader, CORDOBA is +0.2 DPR and +4.8 PL.

PR Faria Brothers Action Dean Smith, EX-92%

Other highlights include 1JE00892 VANDRELL-GR continuing his domination of the genomic JPI list, this time at +255. He also leads the lineup for CM$ at +651. Sire fertility is another specialty not to be overlooked: +2.4 Sire Conception Rate and 105 PregCheck™.
1JE00889 PROP JOE, from the same maternal family as VANDRELL, jumped to +633 CM$ with an elite +94 Fat for a +128 CFP. He also increased to +202 JPI and +19.7 JUI.
PROP JOE’s maternal brother, 1JE00922 RONALDO{5}, held his elite +223 JPI rank. This Harris son has an impressive +49 Protein and +115 CFP to put him at +576 CM$. 
1JE00792 MACHETE climbed to +202 JPI with over 1,100 daughters now in his production proof. His +572 CM$ also leads the list of daughter-proven sires. Furthermore, daughters will add profit to a dairy’s bottom line with +94 CFP and +0.7 DPR.
Another bull to add daughters is 1JE00791 DIVIDEND. He stands strong at +169 JPI and +481 CM$. The type specialist has a +15.2 JUI with over 500 daughters scored.
Also noteworthy, the popular Harris son 1JE00921 EUSEBIO{5} that debuted in December held his elite rank at +221 JPI. The JUI specialist (+17.3) has an impressive +50 Protein and +116 CFP too.
For more information on the Genex Jersey lineup, contact your local Genex representative or call 888-333-1783.
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