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Genex Debuts 19 New Sires Featuring Elite Genetic Rank & Diversity

SHAWANO, Wisconsin - Genex Cooperative, Inc. releases a new class of bulls over +850 for the cooperative's Ideal Commercial Cow (ICC$) index. The 19 graduates of the April sire summary hail from eight different sires and 13 different grandsires.

Leading the list are two sons of long-time ICC$ leader 1HO11056 TROY. 1HO12800 GAGE and 1HO12782 GUINESS are full brothers and, like their father, standout for health and fitness traits. GAGE, the lineup's new ICC$ leader at +1041, adds incredible longevity and daughter fertility (+9.6 Productive Life, +3.0 Daughter Pregnancy Rate). In addition, he delivers over +115 Combined Fat and Protein (CFP) and earns a +2644 TPI®.

GUINESS follows close behind at +1000 ICC$, +8.5 Productive Life (PL) and +2.6 Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR). He adds a low +2.69 Somatic Cell Score (SCS). With good calving ease figures, both brothers can be used with confidence in heifer pens.

1HO11665 GENIUS, a maternal brother by Montross, debuts at +992 ICC$. GENIUS transmits excellent udder attachments, tremendous longevity (+9.1 PL) and production power (+125 CFP, +1551 Milk). Adding to his repertoire, he's an outstanding foot and leg improver and is +1.91 for PTA Type.

A staple in the Genex lineup since early 2014, 1HO11048 STOIC is now the sire of some of the lineup's top health and fitness bulls. Among the first STOIC sons available is 1HO11643 DAMIEN, a +989 ICC$ bull specializing in daughter fertility (+2.4 DPR), longevity (+8.1 PL) and production (+1553 Milk). 1HO11662 BUXTON exhibits the highest DPR of the STOIC sons at +3.9 while also putting pounds in the tank (+1158 Milk). Another son, 1HO11680 SUBWAY, will improve milk quality with an extremely low +2.49 SCS. 1HO11682 RAGEN is the production leader of the group at +1678 Milk and +126 CFP. He's adept at foot and leg and udder improvement too. The +900 ICC$ 1HO11663 MANNY demonstrates good conformation and can be used in heifer pens with an attractive 6.2% SCE. 1HO11645 WILDER, at +887 ICC$, improves udder traits while adding production profitability (+1064 Milk, +115 CFP). He also demonstrates conception ability with a 104 PregCheck™.

Highly anticipated new release, 1HO11670 GATEDANCER, is ideal for any index at +2729 TPI, +889 Lifetime Net Merit and +904 ICC$. GATEDANCER transmits +60 Protein while carrying a +2.22 Udder Composite. His high producing Supersire dam is a direct descendant of the world famous total performance cow Scientific Debutante Rae-ET, EX-92.

1HO11653 SHOCKTOP is a no-holes TROY son debuting at +950 ICC$ with a +6.8 PL. He's also a type leader over +2.00 PTAT, Udder Composite and Foot & Leg Composite. He stands among the elite TPI at +2613 too.

Another notable new release is 1HO11652 RADIUS. He's the definition of an outcross being a Catalyst out of a 1HO10458 DAY, and he will sire daughters that milk well (+1456 Milk, +148 CFP). RADIUS is also a fertility giant at +4.1 Sire Conception Rate and 105 PregCheck.

Rounding out the 19 new sires are 1HO11648 BUB, 1HO11631 AVRIL, 1HO13023 MR WISCONSIN, 1HO11909 AMADEUS, 1HO11647 BARCLAY, 1HO11628 POINT BLANK and 1HO11658 TESTIFY. All rank over +850 ICC$ and will add bottom-line profit to any herd.

For more information on the Genex Holstein lineup, contact your local Genex representative or call 888-333-1783.

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