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New GENEX Sires to Drive Genetic Progress in Today’s Jersey Generation

SHAWANO, Wisconsin — With the December sire summaries, GENEX added six Jersey bulls to the lineup. This diverse group, backed by a long list of other popular GENEX sires, is certain to drive genetic progress in members’ and customers’ herds.

1JE00964 JODECI {3} leads the list of new releases with his +251 JPI™ and +704 Cheese Merit (CM$). His attributes include a +0.6 Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR) and +15.5 JUI™ as well as outstanding components: +80 Fat and +50 Protein for a huge +130 Combined Fat & Protein (CFP) number. JODECI is a diverse-pedigreed sire from Faria Brothers Dairy, being a Tyrion out of a Daybreak.

Also impressive is 1JE00939 NEYMAR {3}, an early Mackenzie son with high cheese yield traits. NEYMAR debuts at +654 CM$ and +234 JPI™ while posting a +24.6 JUI™. His +0.15% Fat and +0.07% Protein, which contribute to a +119 CFP, mean he will noticeably improve components. NEYMAR hails from a reputable family; he’s out of a high-scoring young Irwin daughter from Faria Brothers that goes back to Faria Brothers Action Dean Smith {1}, EX-92%. Note, NEYMAR is JH1C.

1JE00955 DIMMER {4} is the lineup’s first son of the popular 1JE00889 PROP JOE {3} and offers a genetic profile similar to his sire. At +211 JPI™ and +597 CM$, DIMMER adds yield while also improving udders (+19.1 JUI™). He will produce fertile, long-living daughters from his elite +1.7 DPR, +2.2 Cow Conception Rate, +2.1 Heifer Conception Rate and +5.9 Productive Life (PL).

A new graduate from the GENESIS Cooperative Herd, 1JE00952 HESTON {5} is the son of GENESIS star Faria Brothers Marvel Hamm {4}-ET. This son of 1JE00882 FORMIDABLE is an elite DPR sire at +2.4 and comes in at +197 JPI™. HESTON is expected to sire daughters with improved udders (+16.6 JUI™), impressive longevity (+7.7 PL) and elite fertility (+3.5 CCR).

Rounding out the new debuts are two polled sons of 1JE00892 VANDRELL {2} with roots in the GENESIS herd. 1JE00954 VESTIGE {3}-P and 1JE00953 VISUAL {3}-P both sport impressive genetic profiles. VESTIGE-P is +216 JPI™ with a +14.2 JUI™ while also adding milk yield at +1079. Full brother VISUAL-P adds fluid pounds with a +1371 Milk and +207 JPI™. He is +6.1 JUI™ with +2.3 HCR. Note, VISUAL-P is JH1C and 93 BBR, while VESTIGE-P is 89 BBR.

Among other Jersey sire highlights, 1JE00922 RONALDO {3} now stands at +289 JPI™. The Harris son also boasts over +1600 Milk and +150 CFP with a positive Sire Conception Rate (SCR) and 103 PregCheck™ fertility ranking.

VANDRELL and PROP JOE, from the same maternal line as RONALDO, jumped to +273 and +213 JPI™ respectively. All three are available in GenChoice™ sexed semen with SexedUltra™.

1JE00935 WORLD CUP {5} ranks high for CM$ at +761. This sire of sons is also +271 JPI™ and +23.5 JUI™. He adds daughter fertility (+1.9 DPR) and longevity (+8.2 PL) as well.

1JE00859 GUS {3} leads the GENEX daughter-proven list at +188 JPI™. This fertility specialist (+3.0 SCR, 102 PregCheck™) added daughters and posted impressive values for yield at +916 Milk and +85 CFP. Daughters will carry beautiful udders (+14.7 JUI™) and last in the herd (+5.2 PL).

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