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CRI to Market Sexed Semen with Twice as Many Sperm Cells

SHAWANO, Wisconsin — Cooperative Resources International (CRI) is adding GenChoice™ 4M semen to its product offering for dairy and beef producers. This new sexed semen product contains twice the number of female sperm cells than traditional GenChoice™ semen. GenChoice™ 4M will soon be available on a limited number of sires.

“As the industry leader in providing sexed semen, having sold more than 10 million units, we are excited to provide customers an additional sexed option for use in strategic breeding programs,” states Keith Heikes, chief operating officer of CRI’s GENEX brand.

While the traditional GenChoice™ semen is packaged at 2 million sperm per unit, the new 4M version contains 4 million sperm and is expected to positively impact conception rates.

According to Heikes, the cooperative will collect and analyze sire-specific fertility data for the 4M product to equip customers with accurate information for sire selection decisions.

“We remain committed to providing customers with data-backed and reliable fertility information,” Heikes states. “Our large fertility database has enabled us to calculate PregCheck+™ fertility rankings for GenChoice™ semen and will enable us to do the same for GenChoice™ 4M.”

Dairy and beef sires available in GenChoice™ 4M will be designated by a 601 stud code. The traditional GenChoice™ semen uses the 501 code. Both sexed semen products are processed by Sexing Technologies with SexedULTRA™.

For semen availability, contact your local CRI distributor.

About CRI
Cooperative Resources International (CRI), headquartered in Shawano, Wisconsin, is the global leader in delivering excellence, innovation and value to members and customers. Built from organizations dating back to the 1920s, CRI and its subsidiaries – AgSource Cooperative Services, GENEX and MOFA Global – encompass more than 1,500 employees dedicated to meeting the needs of individuals linked to the land through plant and animal production. Learn more at