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New GENEX Employees Complete Extensive Training Program

SHAWANO, Wisconsin — Three new employees of GENEX, a cattle genetics cooperative, recently completed a two-week training program held at the headquarters in Shawano, Wisconsin. During the training, new employees increased their knowledge of cattle reproductive anatomy and physiology, heat detection, synchronization, semen handling, artificial insemination and dairy genetics in order to better serve dairy producers across the U.S.

Those completing the training program include reproductive technician Humberto Fregoso of San Jacinto, California; reproductive program technician Bryce Venzke of Dorchester, Wisconsin; and reproductive program senior technician Paul Bond of Adams, New York.

Humberto-Fregoso.jpeg.JPG  Bryce-Venzke.jpeg.JPG  Paul-Bond.jpeg.JPG 





For more information about GENEX cattle genetics and on-farm reproductive service, visit or contact customer service at 888.333.1783.

GENEX is the trusted provider of world-class animal genetics, progressive reproductive solutions, value-added products and innovative services. As a cooperative business, GENEX serves members and customers - dairy and beef cattle producers - across the United States. GENEX is part of Cooperative Resources International. For more information, please visit