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11 Reasons to Rely on the GENEX Jersey Lineup

SHAWANO, Wisconsin — The 11 new bulls to join the GENEX Jersey lineup with the August sire summaries have got it all! They sport the right genetics for component-driven milk production from efficient, healthy cows that today’s dairy industry demands. 

1JE00979 TONY ALLEN {3}

1JE00979 TONY ALLEN {3} leads the new releases with an impressive +207 JPI™ and +706 Cheese Merit (CM$) combination. This son of the world's No. 1 JPI and CM$ bull 1JE00892 VANDRELL {2} will also improve udders with his +18.6 JUI™ and transmit increased yield with a +127 combined Fat & Protein (CFP). He also specializes in siring long-lived daughters (+6.5 Productive Life, +0.9 Livability) that produce high-quality milk (+2.78 Somatic Cell Score). Look for TONY ALLEN {3} to be available in GenChoice™ sexed semen.

1JE00971 CURRY {3}-ET delivers outstanding genetic values: +193 JPI™, +701 CM$ and +108 CFP. A brother to 1JE00953 VISUAL {3}-P and 1JE00954 VESTIGE {3}-P, he has nice component percentages (+0.23% Fat; +0.07% Protein) and an excellent +21.0 JUI™. This Marlo son also improves daughter fertility at +0.7 Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR), +1.4 Cow Conception Rate (CCR) and +2.2 Heifer Conception Rate (HCR).

1JE00981 HORFORD {3} joins the lineup at +699 CM$ and +201 JPI™. A VANDRELL out of a Magnum, HORFORD {3} is an elite package of daughter fertility (+2.8 DPR), component yield (+110 CFP) and health traits: +7.6 Productive Life (PL), +3.5 Livability (LIV), +4.3 CCR, +4.0 HCR and +2.78 Somatic Cell Score (SCS).

1JE00984 USAIN BOLT {3}, an early 1JE00912 TARHEEL {4} son that hails from the Dean Smith cow family, debuted at +698 CM$ and +205 JPI™. He sports impressive component yields (+95 Fat, +54 Protein) and udder enhancing ability (+22.7 JUI™).

1JE00973 CROWDER {3} is an impressive VANDRELL son. This bull earned his spot in the lineup with a +203 JPI™ and +692 CM$. He’s a health trait specialist with +0.8 DPR, +1.7 CCR and +2.9 HCR while also posting a big +142 CFP and a +10.1 JUI™. 

1JE00985 REEF {3}

1JE00985 REEF {3}, a VANDRELL out of a 1JE00791 DIVIDEND, stands at +196 JPI™ and +689 CM$ while adding component yield (+136 CFP) and improving udders (+12.2 JUI™). Use REEF {3} to improve longevity (+5.8 PL) and increase livability (+2.5 LIV) as well.

Yield specialist 1JE00993 DELUCA {3}, a Harris out of a Magnum, is +1586 Milk and +155 CFP. This contributes to his +192 JPI™ and +652 CM$. Look to DELUCA {3} to improve udders too (+10.3 JUI™).

At +175 JPI™ and +614 CM$ is 1JE00963 MAGLIO {5}. This Harris son adds production power at +131 CFP and over +1450 Milk.

1JE00982 TEX {3}, a Marlo son, earned a +182 JPI™ and +604 CM$. With a Topeka dam, TEX {3} will improve udders (+26.9 JUI™) and yield (+125 CFP).

Another new Marlo son, 1JE00977 ANTERO {3} makes the lineup at +168 JPI™ and +595 CM$. He is a component improver (+133 CFP) while also improving daughter fertility (+0.6 DPR).

1JE00978 HEINSOHN {4}-P rounds out the new releases. He’s an exciting polled bull sporting a +140 JPI™ and +511 CM$. Look to HEINSOHN {4}-P as a tremendous improver of daughter fertility (+1.1 DPR) while adding longevity (+5.8 PL). A Dillan-P son out of a Galvanize, this bull adds some exciting pedigree diversity among polled Jerseys.

For more information on GENEX Jerseys, view the Jersey lineup, call 888.333.1783 or contact your local GENEX representative.

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