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GENEX Releases 16 New Holstein Sires     

SHAWANO, Wisconsin — With a combination of familiar favorites and 16 hot new releases, the GENEX lineup is packed with all the production, health and fertility that commercial producers are looking for!

Standing firm as the Ideal Commercial Cow (ICC$) index leader for a second sire summary is the well-known 1HO11955 BEYOND. This time, he climbed to +1194 ICC$, +2035 Milk and +144 combined Fat and Protein (CFP). Beyond that, he’s a health trait specialist at +2.0 Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR), +8.9 Productive Life (PL) and +2.67 Somatic Cell Score (SCS). To top it off, he’s positive for sire fertility.

Co-op Robust Galina 6447, VG-87,
dam of 1HO11665 GENIUS

A familiar sire – 1HO11665 GENIUS  ranks second for ICC$ at an outstanding +1120. This Montross son is elite on all indexes (+857 Lifetime Net Merit $ and +2707 TPI®). He offers excellent production, udders and feet and legs (+1815 Milk, +2.38 Udder Composite, +1.96 Feet & Legs Composite).

New release 1HO12409 TETRO claims the third spot at +1117 ICC$. His combination of elite genetics and production profile (+1873 Milk, +153 CFP) are unmatched. Look to TETRO for daughter fertility and longevity (+7.2 PL) too.

1HO11989 ROMERO excels for TPI® at +2758 and ranks No. 4 on the ICC$ index at +1090. This Silver son is the complete package offering production, type and longevity and is only available in GenChoice™ 4M sexed semen.

An excellent combo of production and type are found in newly released 1HO11965 DIESTO. This bull offers elite +1817 Milk, +137 CFP and +1.65 Type. He is a leading sire with a high 103 PregCheck™ fertility ranking. Look to DIESTO for unmatched components and udders (+1.88 UDC).

1HO11925 BANCROFT, a Josuper out of a Monarch, is another yield specialist at +1742 Milk and a huge +155 CFP. He transmits strong, healthy udders with a +2.67 SCS and +1.14 UDC.

New release 1HO12476 SKILLET debuts at +1062 ICC$. This 1HO12658 LEDOUX son is a calving ease specialist at 5.2% Sire Calving Ease (SCE) and 2.8% Daughter Calving Ease. He also transmits excellent daughter fertility (+4.4 DPR).

Released between the April and August sire summaries, 1HO13323 CARGO is ideal on all indexes having an impressive +1051 ICC$, +891 LNM$ and +2713 TPI®. Use CARGO for ideal udders, Productive Life and Type.

1HO12477 DAZE checks the boxes for production, health and longevity. This new sire, available in GenChoice™ sexed semen only, will produce ideal commercial cows as demonstrated by his +1014 ICC$, +2750 TPI®, +3.7 DPR and +7.3 PL. He’s got production covered too with +1367 Milk and +122 CFP.

Co-op DD Platinum 40739,
daughter of 1HO11096 PLATINUM