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New GENEX Sires Lead the Way
in Creating Ideal Commercial Cows

SHAWANO, Wisconsin — With the December sire summary, GENEX added 25 new Holstein sires to solidify a diverse lineup of progressive genetics.

New release 1HO12943 HEXER leads the lineup for the Ideal Commercial cow (ICC$) index, a sire ranking tool published exclusively by GENEX to meet the needs of commercial cattle producers. HEXER debuted at +1221 ICC$ and +888 Lifetime Net Merit (LNM$) with elite health traits: +10.6 Productive Life (PL), +3.7 Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR) and +2.50 Somatic Cell Score (SCS). He also excels for the GENEX proprietary health trait Metritis (MTR) with a 108. This Damien out of a Caspian delivers pedigree diversity and is suitable for heifer pens with a low 4.8% Sire Calving Ease (SCE).

1HO12980 IKE, another new sire, ranks second for the ICC$ index at +1207. This Jedi son boasts a +2712 TPI® as well. Rely on IKE with his elite longevity (+10.1 PL), impressive daughter fertility (+5.1 DPR) and +1.51 PTA Type.

1HO12917 MIKE makes his debut in the No. 4 spot for the ICC$ index, right behind the big-time production and health trait specialist 1HO19955 BEYOND. MIKE has an impressive +1174 ICC$, improves component percentages and sires fertile daughters (+5.1 DPR). This Jedi son can be used universally with his low 6.9% SCE.

A Livewire son, 1HO13369 DAVARI, joins the lineup at +1164 ICC$. Count on him to improve milk quality (+2.50 SCS) and sire healthy daughters with his 106 MTR and 104 Subclinical Ketosis (SCK). DAVARI adds type (+1.44 PTAT) and can be used in heifer pens (5.9% SCE).

1HO12902 TAPPS, at +1128 ICC$, is a new sire that improves component production (+130 Combined Fat & Protein) and offers calving ease (5.4% SCE). This Modesty out of a Jabir is +893 LNM$ and +2726 TPI®.

New release 1HO12930 MALCOM ranks well for LNM$ at +950 and for the ICC$ index at +1099 ICC$. This Damien son can be used with confidence in heifer pens (6.3% SCE) and will transmit outstanding health traits: +10.0 PL, +4.4 Livability (LIV), +3.5 DPR and a low +2.65 SCS.

1HO12932 JUICY sires cows for the commercial environment (+1148 ICC$) and excels for TPI® (+2800) This new Magnus son out of a 1HO10824 TANGO daughter is sure to please as he adds pedigree diversity, is +2.34 for Udder Composite (UDC) and displays impressive values for the GENEX proprietary traits MTR (104) and SCK (100).

1HO12487 JENKY-P is a new sire for polled cattle enthusiasts. JENKY-P debuted at +880 ICC$ and adds yield (+109 CFP) while also improving health traits (104 SCK, 102 MTR). Use this Powerball-P son to improve daughter fertility (+3.8 DPR) and add longevity (+7.6 PL) too.

Along with these new-release sires, the previously released 1HO11989 ROMERO posted great numbers maintaining elite rankings across indexes. He is +1152 ICC$ and +2737 TPI®. He also decreases incidence of health issues, ranking above average for the GENEX proprietary health traits: 104 SCK, 106 MTR and 101 Foot Health.

The daughter-proven 1HO11096 PLATINUM continued his impressive rank as well, now at +2653 TPI® and +1050 ICC$. This Mogul out of a Super adds type at +1.93 PTAT and +1.58 UDC.

The iconic 1HO10396 CABRIOLET is not to be overlooked. Now with over 8,500 daughters, this extremely reliable sire can be used to add a balanced genetic profile while improving components (+149 CFP) and moderating frame size.

To view the full GENEX lineup, click here .

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