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GENEX releases genomic giants

SHAWANO, Wisconsin — GENEX announces limited availability of three new elite genetic merit sires. These include two Jersey and one Holstein genomic giants: 1JE01036 NORBERT {3}, 1JE01028 APPROACH {3} and 1HO12935 SKIPPY.

NORBERT {3}, available only in GenChoice™ sexed semen, debuts at +774 for the Ideal Commercial Cow (ICC$) index for Jerseys along with a +193 JPI™ and +18.3 JUI™. With his +121 combined Fat and Protein (CFP), he’s among the top 12 for the ICC$’s Cheese Maximizer sub-index. Count on this MARLO {2} son for improved longevity and fertility in the next generation: +6.5 Productive Life (PL), +1.4 Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR), +1.5 Cow Conception Rate (CCR) and +3.4 Heifer Conception Rate (HCR).

Look to APPROACH {3} – another MARLO {2} son – for creating cows that excel in commercial herd environments with his +$793 ICC$. According to his +309 for the Sustainability (SUST$) sub-index of ICC$, daughters will be healthy, fertile and produce well. This is demonstrated in his +8.6 PL, +1.2 DPR, +2.7 Livability and positive numbers for udder traits that impact culling rate.

The new Holstein sire, SKIPPY, is a Jett son out of a Rubicon that will be available starting Feb. 16. He debuts at an outstanding +1098 for the ICC$ index for Holsteins, +919 Lifetime Net Merit and +2809 TPI®. SKIPPY packs production (+1316 Milk, +148 CFP) with huge longevity (+8.5 PL) and all-round daughter fertility (+3.6 DPR, +6.2 CCR, +3.5 HCR). He also sires desirable body condition (103 Body Condition Score).

For more information or to purchase genetics from these genomic giants, contact your local GENEX representative or visit

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