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GENEX introduces UdderLife™ OptiShield™ teat sealant

SHAWANO, Wisconsin — GENEX now offers UdderLife™ OptiShield™ teat sealant to help cows block intramammary infections throughout the dry period.

UdderLife™ OptiShield™ teat sealant is a sterile, antibiotic-free, off-white paste that provides a malleable barrier in the teat canal, similar to that of a cow's own keratin plug. The product contains 65% bismuth subnitrate in a mineral oil base. While it does not treat clinical or subclinical cases of mastitis already present in a dry cow's mammary system, it works to help prevent new cases.

"Unlike other teat sealants, the UdderLife™ OptiShield™ tube contains minimal air, forming a solid plug seal in the teat's streak canal," states Bob East, GENEX Global Herd Care Line Product Manager. "The tube also features a partial insertion tip which allows for consistent application and less employee error of placing the tip too far inside the teat. Additionally, this is the only teat sealant made in the USA; producers don't have to worry about waiting on a back-ordered product."

UdderLife™ OptiShield™ teat sealant comes in a 4g tube which holds enough contents for one teat. There are 144 tubes per pail, providing teat sealant for 36 cows.

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