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Reveal™ Livestock Marker
Reveal™ Livestock Marker


Reveal™ is a specially formulated, water-based, non-toxic paint made in the USA, used for estrus detection and general marking identification in cattle. It also contains a bittering agent to prevent animals from licking it off.

Once applied to an animal, Reveal forms a stiff coating on the hair. The coating breaks off when the animal is ridden. If an animal is not ridden, the paint lasts for weeks with minimal touch-up required every 7-10 days.

One 500 ml bottle will paint 75-100 cows making Reveal an affordable heat detection aid. Reveal is available in four fluorescent colors - Yellow, Red, Green and Blue.

Application Procedures IMG_5607.jpg

• Dry and remove any loose hair and dirt from the animal's tailhead.
• Shake bottle well before removing cap.
• Turn bottle upside down and squeeze lightly.
• Apply a 2x6" strip of paint to the tailhead going against the hair.
• Rinse bottle brush with water before replacing the cap to ensure maximum paint flow for next application.
• Touch-up paint as needed.

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Not Only a Heat Detection Aid
Reveal can also be used to mark animals with treated quarters, indicate animals for shots or to identify different cow groups - the possibilities are endless! When the mark is no longer needed, use a curry comb to remove it.

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Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available by contacting your local
Genex representative or by calling Genex customer service at 888.333.1783.