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ESTROTECT™ heat detectors are an excellent aid to any operation's program for detecting cows in standing heat. Apply the self-adhesive ESTROTECT™ heat detection patch to cows prior to standing heat or when cows are given synchronization injections. No glue is needed if applied correctly.

Each patch has a silver scratch-off surface. After the animal is mounted, the bright signal layer underneath is shown for easy observation and reading. Additional mountings result in increasing color exposure. The patches come in three colors - orange/red, green and pink.

Application Procedures

1. Warm ESTROTECT™ patch to human-body temperature before application. (As long as the product is kept warm, it can be applied in all seasons.)

2. Remove dirt, sand, dust, shedding and loose hair (do not shave hair) from the tailhead with a leather glove or painters tack cloth. Do not use a curry comb.

3. Wipe away any excess moisture with a towel.

4. Press ESTROTECT™ patch onto the hair across the backbone (side to side) just forward of half the length between the hooks and pins. Vigorously rub ESTROTECT™ patch onto the hair with your bare fingers. Rubbing will not damage the silver surface

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