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Protect your genetic investments with LIFEJACKET™ calf coats. When the temperature falls below 50º F for extended periods of time, a calf burns extra energy to keep warm. That is the same energy the calf should be using for growth. Wind and snow have an even greater effect on when a calf will start to burn energy to keep warm.

The warmth and protection provided by LIFEJACKET™ calf coats allows calves to grow better. A North Dakota State University study found calves wearing calf coats gained 1.4 pounds daily from birth to four weeks, compared to the 1.2 pounds gained from calves without coats.  

LIFEJACKET™ calf coats feature a waterproof outer shell and a quilted lining. The front buckle closure and buckle leg straps make for easy on and off. All coats are assembled in the U.S. and are machine washable. Line drying is recommended.

LIFEJACKET™ calf coats are available in four sizes - small, medium, large and x-large. They are ideal for use with calves in hutches.

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