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» Dairy Herdsman Videos


The Dairy Herdsman Education Video Series was developed and produced by GENEX and Dr. Roger Weigle. Dr. Weigle, now retired, had over 20 years of veterinarian experience working in a private Wisconsin dairy clinic before joining GENEX as the Associate Vice President of Animal Health.

According to Dr. Weigle, "The reason for producing this video series was to try to empower the farmer or herdsperson with information they can use to upgrade the management of their herds."

The series also shows proper techniques as well as simpler and safer ways to complete many day-to-day procedures. These videos are excellent training tools for new farm employees or a great review for the experienced farmer. Currently there are five topics covered in the series. Each is available in English or Spanish on DVD.

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Obstetrics (Assisted Calving)

» Equipment choices and proper use of each

» Basic anatomy and how it affects calving

» How to determine cervical dilation stages

»How to correct common malpresentations of the calf

» Decision making in the calving process

» Episiotomy

» Recognizing uterine or vaginal torsions

Bovine Treatment Techniques

» Proper restraint techniques

» Administering oral medications

» Intramuscular injections

» Subcutaneous injections

» I.V. injections and needle insertion

» Pill guns

» Tubing

» Mastitis treatments

Problem Recognition & Emergency Techniques

» Learn the ABCs of animal evaluation

» Recognize dehydrated cows

» How to do a CMT (California Mastitis Test)

» Recognize LDAs (Left Displaced Abomasum)

» Recognize RDAs (Right Displaced Abomasum)

» Control critical emergency situations

The Cow's Udder, Mastitis Management & Milking Techniques

» Milk quality factors

» Teat anatomy and mastitis resistance

» Taking milk samples

» Proper milking techniques

» Post-milking procedures

» Lost production due to high somatic cell score

The Art & Science in Raising a Healthy Calf

» Importance and proper storage of colostrum

» Proper calf tubing techniques

» Dr. Jim Quigley's VICE rule

» Different types of milk replacers

» Cleaning and sanitation of feeding equipment

» Starter grains

» Weaning of calves

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