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High-Density 50K for Angus

Genomic technology has advanced rapidly since 1989 when the first markers were discovered. GeneSTAR® for marbling was first introduced in 2000, since then the number of markers for predictions has increased exponentially. The recent launch of the High-Density (HD) 50,000-plus (50K) marker, offered from Pfizer Animal Genetics, generates predictions for 13 traits and a genomics-based economic selection index.

Genex is pleased to partner with Pfizer Animal Genetics to help bring this new leading-edge technology to our members and customers. By the time you read this summary, HD 50K Molecular Value Predictions (MVPs) will be available on most Genex Angus sires. These results will be posted on the Genex Web site along with explanatory information. This new technology will be useful in both the commercial and seedstock areas, to help increase the accuracy and scope of selection.

The "genomic"- rankings based on DNA marker technology are presented as MVPs. These MVPs should be used along with EPDs to rank and select animals for economically important traits. The MVPs are reported in units of the traits (like EPDs) and associated percentile ranks are provided. Lower rank values indicate more favorable ranking - the top 20% is generally preferable to top 80%. Different from EPDs, MVPs are expressed as breeding values (one-half of a breeding value equals an EPD). Since the average and range of MVPs and EPDs are different, the percentile ranks are the easiest means to interpret the predictions.

MVPs are currently available for most EPD traits. MVPs are also available for difficult to measure traits like dry matter intake, net feed intake and tenderness. To simplify selection for growth, efficiency and carcass merit, a new index is also available, $MVPFL - Molecular Value Prediction - Feedlot (dollars). This is the industry's first DNA-based feedlot and carcass profitability index. The index represents the net dollars returned due to combined genetic merit for dry matter intake, average daily gain, carcass weight, ribeye area and fat thickness (yield grade), and marbling score (quality grade).

MVPs are calculated from a formula that sums the effects of the markers for each trait. The marker effects were derived using a statistical analysis that associated the HD 50K marker genotypes to the performance of over 5,000 Angus animals in the Pfizer database. Once the marker effects were determined, prediction equations were developed and applied to HD 50K genotypes to compute MVPs.

There is a moderate to high degree of relationship between MVPs and EPDs, especially for proven sires. For non EPDs traits, MVPs provide a source of information, that would otherwise be unavailable.

FinalAnswer.jpgSeedstock and commercial breeders already recognize Final Answer as a unique breed-leader for calving ease, low birth weight and rapid growth based on EPDs. This is confirmed by the MVPs, and genomic information also identifies him as a leader in hard to measure traits such as net feed intake and tenderness, as well as for carcass weight, ribeye area and combined genetic merit for growth, efficiency and carcass traits included in $MVPFL.

Aberdeen.jpg Aberdeen is a proven sire for calving ease and weaning growth based on EPDs and associated accuracy, currently he has interim proofs for maternal and carcass traits. The MVP information supports the calving ease and weaning growth proofs, and also suggests Aberdeen has considerable multi-trait promise. Beyond his current level of EPD accuracy, he is outstanding for calving ease maternal, milk, ribeye area, marbling score, tenderness and $MVPFL.


The interim EPD profiles for Free Spirit show him to be a growth sire with exceptional levels of maternal and carcass merit. The MVPs support this characterization and enhance our confidence that he will breed true to his EPDs or better, as progeny proofs accumulate, for maternal and carcass traits. He will be a breed leader for growth, ribeye area and marbling, - a hard combination to find and ranks him in the top 1% for $MVPFL.