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Co-op Membership is Simple and Rewarding

Dairy and beef producers within the contiguous U.S. have the opportunity to become GENEX members, delegates and directors. Becoming a member is simple and rewarding. It allows you to have grassroots input in the governance of your cooperative!

What are the benefits of membership?

» Voting privileges and a voice in cooperative governance.
» Invited to member appreciation meetings and events.
» Earning equity in the cooperative.
» Opportunity to become a delegate or director.

How do I become a member?

» Purchase $500 of semen, products and/or services in a 12-month period (May 1 to April 30) and submit a membership agreement form.
» Or, sign up for one-year membership status by purchasing at least $200 in eligible products and services, submitting a membership form and requesting membership via a membership exception form.

Do I have to attend regular meetings?

Members are invited to one meeting each year. This meeting is the cooperative's chance to thank members for their involvement.

What does it cost to become member?

There is no fee. Simply meet the requirements of purchasing $500 worth of products, semen and/or services in the 12-month period and submitting a membership form.

As a member, how is my opinion heard by the cooperative?

» Annually, you elect a delegate to represent your membership district. Each delegate represents approximately 100 members.
» Each delegate attends a fall input meeting and the annual meeting. At the annual meeting, delegates elect a board member for their membership region. 
» Your opinions are brought to the governing board by the elected delegate for your district.

For more information on membership, call 888.333.1783, email or contact your local GENEX representative.