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♦ A Cattlemen's Guide to Using Indexes
♦ Angus $Values Updated to Reflect Today's Market
♦ Answers to Your Most Asked Synch Questions
♦ Brazil ... Beyond the Rainforest
♦ Building Marketing Equity in Your Herd
♦ Building Tools and Making the Case...
♦ Chute-Side Service Protocol
♦ Do More Than Pregnancy Check
♦ Effects of Stress on Embryonic Mortality
♦ EPD Terminology
♦ Five Considerations for Preg-Check Season
♦ Genetic Defects
♦ Genex Combines Cow Sense and Science
♦ Genex Launches PregCheck Fertility Ranking
♦ Give Your Calves a Fighting Chance
♦ Insemination Technique Checklist
♦ Is She Ready? Ideal Body Condition Prior to Calving
♦ Lessons Learned Through Advocacy
♦ Reproductive Management in Beef Cattle
♦ Selecting for Soundness
♦ Split-Time A.I.
♦ Steps to A Successful Synchronization and A.I. Program
♦ Synchronization Protocols
♦ The A.I. Advantage
♦ The Cow and The Carcass
♦ The Importance of Synchronization Compliance
♦ The Real Value of "Value-Added" Programs
♦ The Test of Time (And Progeny)
♦ The Value Applied
♦ The Value of Heterosis
♦ Tools of the Trade - Eazi-Breed CIDR
♦ What I Need to Know to Use A.I. on my Ranch
♦ What Would Another 5% Be Worth?