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♦ Abortion In Dairy Cattle: General Concepts
♦ Beef Synchronization Protocols
♦ Breeder Checkup Can Help Drive Repro Success
♦ Choosing a Synch Protocol
♦ Dairy Synchronization Protocols
♦ DG29 Has High Return On Investment
♦ Extending Semen for Optimal Pregnancies
♦ High-Quality Heat Detection is Vital to Success
♦ Insemination Technique Checklist
♦ Instructions for Application of EAZI-BREED CIDR
♦ Making the Difference: A.I. Success is in the Details
♦ Managing Inbreeding in the Genomic Age
♦ Managing The Estrous Cycle
♦ Manufacturing at its Finest
♦ Measuring Repro Effectiveness
♦ People, Protocols & Teamwork
♦ Picture Perfect Technique
♦ Pocket Thaw™ - Easy Semen Thawing
♦ Preg Checks: Why Frequency and Method Matter
♦ Revisiting the Benefits of 1/4 cc Straws
♦ Semen Handling Checklist
♦ Setting & Achieving Reproductive Goals
♦ Sexed Semen: Farm data and strategies
♦ Strategies For Successful Heifer Repro
♦ Take a Planned Approach to Re-Enrolling Females
♦ Top 10 Parameters to Monitor Repro Performance
♦ When to Pregnancy Check
♦ Why Am I Not Finding Cows In Heat?
♦ Protocols to Create Pregnancies