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TEAM Cattle Auctions
TEAM Cattle Auctions


Cattle producers throughout the U.S. can maximize returns from the sale of animals marketed through TEAM (The Electronic Auction Market). TEAM, offered in conjunction with Central Livestock Association - a company of Genex, is an interactive marketplace that brings cattle buyers and sellers together through the power of the Internet. With multiple sales weekly, TEAM allows producers to auction potload groups of finished cattle, feeder cattle, market cows and bulls, and bred heifers.

How TEAM works:
The seller determines what cattle to market.
The seller contacts their local TEAM agent (Genex/Central Livestock representative).
The local TEAM agent takes digital photographs of the cattle, records a description and submits the information for a TEAM sale.
Cattle buyers preview cattle prior to the sale in person or online.
Cattle are auctioned online at the designated sale time.
When bidding has ended, the seller is contacted online or by phone to determine if the final bid is acceptable. If so, the cattle are sold!
The TEAM agent is present for the weighing and pickup of the cattle.
Once cattle are weighed, Central Livestock manages the settlement.

To learn more, visit the TEAM and Central Livestock websites.