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G-MAPSM, or Genomic MAPSMdetermines the best mating option for a cow or heifer based on Genomic PTAs (GPTAs) rather than phenotypic scores, performance or predicted information such as parent averages or pedigree indexes.

G-MAP is available to any dairy producer who has genomic test results (3K or 50K) on their cow(s) and/or heifer(s). Simply provide your animals' GPTAs to your Genex representative to be incorporated into G-MAP.

G-MAP can provide mating recommendations for any individual, group or whole herd of genomic-tested animals. G-MAP mating recommendations are included on a MAP™ report along with non-genomic tested animals mated through the traditional Genex MAP program. On the report, animals mated through G-MAP are signified by a "G" or the word "Genomic" near their identification.

Furthermore, G-MAP has all of the convenience and features producers have come to expect from MAP: While over 90 percent of MAP herds use Lifetime Net Merit (LNM) and herdlife as their chosen mating option, producers also have the option to choose other criteria such as final score or grazier; inbreeding and lethal recessives are controlled; mating recommendations are available via e-mail, the Web or on paper; mating recommendations can easily be imported into dairy management software; and producers can divide animals into various groups for specific breeding strategies and mate each group to different sires accordingly.