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♦ Pocket Thaw™ - Easy Semen Thawing
♦ Pocket Thaw™ - Easy Semen Thawing


Semen thawing is easier than ever with Pocket Thaw™ from Genex! Pocket Thaw eliminates the need for water and thermometers at the breeding site. Semen is simply thawed in your shirt pocket or in a warmed gun.

Genex semen* is the only semen proven to have equal fertility results Pocket Thaw or warm water thaw.
*Excludes GenChoice™ sexed semen and any sires with "ISY" after their name.

Pocket Thaw: Direct Loading
1. Warm your insemination gun, and place inside your clothing.

2. Form a semen cradle for the semen straw with a clean, folded paper towel.

3. Lift the canister just below the frost line within the neck (-130°F), and locate the desired cane.

Remember not to be above the frost line for more than seven seconds! If you are, lower the canister until the canister has cooled.

4. With your tweezers, grasp the top of the cane. Gripping the cane tip firmly in your fingertips, quickly grasp the straw with a tweezers and remove. Return the cane as soon as straw is removed from goblet.

5. Immediately place into a paper towel, removing all moisture off the straw.

6. Pull the plunger of the gun back six to seven inches while protecting the straw from temperature shock.

7. Place the straw (plug end towards plunger) into the barrel of your gun. Using a clean scissors, cut the crimped end of the straw (straight for the 1/4 cc or at a slight angle for the 1/2 cc straw), where it sticks out of the gun barrel. Wipe scissors after making cut.

8. Place the sheath over the straw and gun, making sure the straw is in the guide cup of the sheath. Pinch the back end of the guide cup, making sure that the straw is secured.

9. Slide the sheath up the gun until the sheath has reached the spiral or the lip, being sure the sheath is firmly locked in place according to the style of gun.

10. Place the loaded gun into your clothing to protect from temperature changes.

11. Allow the gun to warm and thaw the semen for two to three minutes on the way to the cow. Do not inseminate when the semen is still frozen or damage to the sperm cells will occur.

12. Once thawed, inseminate as quickly as possible (within 15 minutes).  


Remove semen from LN2 tank.

Place semen in paper towel cradle. 

Place the sheath over the straw.