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Heavy-Duty Parlors
DeLaval's Blue Diamond and Germania brands offer options for conventional parlors along with parallel, herringbone and "parabone" parlor stalls. Modular parlors are a great choice for dairies in a short construction time while the Rota-Tech rotary milking platform offers superior strength and cow positioning. Several choices for holding pen reduction systems and automatic sort gates are available.

Milk Cooling Systems
Farm Systems' products can accommodate milk cooling in direct expansion bulk tanks, horizontal or vertical storage tanks with instant cooling, and utilize plate heat exchangers and energy recovery units. Bulk coolers feature more cooling capacity than others on the market. Also available is a multi-tank control system allowing one unit to control multiple tanks each with its own level indicator, cooling and wash parameters.

Dairy Hygiene Products
Farm Systems' dairy hygiene products range from the highest quality patented "high free iodine" teat dips to cost conscious iodine and non-iodine teat dip choices. Route trucks carry many items necessary to operate an efficient dairy including liners, towels, milking gloves and a full range of cleaners and sanitizers.

Core milking equipment is available to meet the needs of farms of all sizes and types including cows, goats and sheep. Farm Systems also offers two herd management systems complete with automatic identification, and activity and milk metering. Numerous automation choices and countless features are available.

Feeding/Cow Comfort Solutions
Controlled feeding systems are available for milking cows in tiestall and freestall applications, though the largest emphasis is on calf feeding. Proven products are available to feed calves milk, milk replacer or concentrates. The TMR Feed Supervisor is also available with links to the Alpro Herd Management system.

For cow comfort the DeLaval Swinging Cow Brush provides automatic grooming and aids in cow comfort, relaxation, pest control and increased blood flow. These factors lead to content cows, which should ultimately lead to increased milk production.

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