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Other Products

Anaerobic Digesters
Genex Farm Systems markets, installs and services anaerobic digesters from a number of manufacturers (
Andigen, Northern Biogas, UTS) and also offers CST Storage tanks and covers designed specifically to perform in digester processes.

Green Freestalls
Green Freestalls manufactures a new type of freestall that provides maximum comfort and safety to the cows encouraging increased resting periods that result in higher milk production per cow and increased life expectancy.

DeMuth Steel Products
DeMuth manufacturers premium quality conveyors and feeders for farm and industrial use. The solid construction and practical design means agricultural producers can expect years of dependable service from 
DeMuth Steel Products.

J&D Manufacturing
J&D Manufacturing makes ventilation and equipment products for agriculture, horticulture, industrial and commercial applications. Specifically for the dairy industry, J&D Manufacturing produces fans, curtain systems, cooling systems, stall systems, calf condos, environmental controls, flooring and bedding, gates and fencing, lighting, waterers and other products.

NTH Inc.
NTH Inc. has innovative products that reflect the growth of the livestock industry. NTH products include pumps and tankers of many sizes and uses as well as 10 Man tools for the skid steer industry and the Ca-Z-bo, a revolutionary structure for raising calves.

Precision Feeding

Sand Bedding Separation/Recovery