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Breeding to Feeding
Breeding to Feeding

Wulf Cattle and Genex have teamed together to generate a new profit stream for U.S. dairies. Breeding to Feeding is an exciting terminal program developed to add value to dairy bull calves.

"This concept enables dairy producers to analyze their role in the beef industry - to take their involvement as a beef supplier to a new level and generate additional farm income."
               -Doug Wilson, CEO, CRI

Experience. In 2010, Wulf Cattle was approached by Riverview Dairy of Minnesota about incorporating Wulf Limousin genetics into the dairy's Jersey herd. Riverview Dairy wanted to enhance the Jersey bull calf value - adding muscle without sacrificing calving ease. Today, the dairy's heifers and top milk cows are bred to dairy sexed semen. Less profitable cows are bred to Limousin semen. The first Limousin x Jersey feeder calves harvested in June 2012 earned high enthusiasm from meat processors. This positive experience sparked the formation of Breeding to Feeding.

The Breeding to Feeding Process
♦ Genex collects Wulf Limousin genetics and distributes the semen to participating dairies.
Wulf Limousin x dairy calves are born on the dairy and transported to participating calf ranches.
Resulting crossbred bull and heifer calves are purchased at a premium by Wulf Cattle.
The result is added income for the dairy and consistent, quality Limousin-influenced feeder calves to move into the meat supply.

In Breeding to Feeding, it's the cooperative effort and genetics proven for feed efficiency and growth that add value for the dairy producer.

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