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Superior Livestock Auction
Superior Livestock Auction

Genex Featured on "The American Rancher" 

In early August, Genex was featured on "The American Rancher" The episode displays a true testimonial to the advantage of using Genex to maximize efficiency in herds through chute-side service. See how Genex makes breeding projects effective and efficient with synchronization and timed artificial insemination to boost the end results.

Watch the episode here.


Genex Cooperative, Inc. and Superior Livestock Auction have partnered to offer cattle producers a convenient combination of services. By working together, Genex will provide Superior Livestock customers with a source of proven genetic options and Superior Livestock will provide Genex members and customers with a nationwide marketing outlet.

Videos Featuring Genex and Superior Livestock 

Genex Chute-side Service - Anytime, Anywhere
Superior Sunrise at Big Horn Classic
featuring Nov. 22 Genex sale on Superior Livestock
- Willie Altenburg, AVP- Beef Development
Superior Sunrise on RFD-TV Week in the Rockies
- Willie Altenburg, AVP- Beef Development

Superior Sunrise on RFD-TV
- Morgan Johnsrud, Genex Area Sales Manager

Superior Sunrise on RFD-TV at Bellringer
- Willie Altenburg, AVP- Beef Development

Superior Livestock Auction:
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Through its nationwide marketing network, Superior Livestock serves sellers and buyers throughout the United States. Cattle are sold on contract for immediate to future delivery, minimum of pot-load size required. Unlike conventional marketing methods, sellers have the opportunity to offer cattle, at auction, to over 7,000 registered buyers via video while cattle remain at the farm or ranch and shown in their natural surroundings.

The success and growth of Superior Livestock Auction is the result of its reputation for honesty and integrity, qualified and professional staff and representatives, thousands of satisfied customers, leadership role in industry innovations and goal to be the best, most complete livestock marketing service in the industry.