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A.I. Training
AI Training Classes
A.I. Training


Genex offers artificial insemination (A.I.) certificate training. These courses are three to four days in length and cover basic A.I. technique, semen handling, the estrous cycle and synchronization, heat detection, and genetics. The courses consist of classroom sessions and hands-on live cow practice. Students successfully completing all portions of the training receive a certificate of completion. To view a current listing of A.I. training sessions, click on the link (at left) for A.I. training classes.

If it is not convenient to participate in a four-day training class, Genex also offers on-farm A.I. training. For this method, a Genex representative comes to your farm and works with you on A.I. technique. Keep in mind the producer will need to provide open cows for hands-on cow practice sessions. This is not a certificate program. If interested in on-farm training, contact your local Genex representative.