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PregCheck™ sire fertility rankings, a GENEX fertility ranking model and data collection process, enables us to provide members and customers with sire fertility rankings based on real-world on-farm pregnancy data.

Our ability to collect pregnancy diagnosis information from participating herds allows for intense sire fertility examination. The speed by which pregnancy information can be collected is phenomenal too. New genomic-proven bulls are likely to receive a PregCheck™ fertility ranking before SCR data has been published.

How to use PregCheck™ fertility rankings: The rankings are set to a 100 base system, meaning a value of 100 is average. Every one point difference is then equivalent to a 1% difference in conception rate. For example, if bull A has a 102 PregCheck ranking and bull B has a 100 PregCheck ranking, then bull A is predicted to be 2% higher in conception rate than bull B.

Find PregCheck™ fertility rankings for Holstein and Jersey bulls within our investment guide, sire catalogs and website.

Rely on GENEX sires with
high PregCheck
™ fertility rankings
to consistently create pregnancies.