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Genetic Indexes

When sourcing overall profitability for the next generation consider the Ideal Commercial Cow (ICC$) index. The index measures the net profit over the lifetime of the bull's average daughter. For producers seeking improvement in specific genetic or herd management areas, use one of the nine targeted indexes described below to fine-tune your sire choices. The top 25% of the lineup for each of these indexes is published in the Genex investment guide.

ICC$ Sub-indexes
ICC-PREF$.pngProduction Efficiency (PREF$) results in high-yielding cows with lower feed costs, at a 60% yield to 40% feed efficiency indicator ratio. Emphasis is on pounds of protein. PREF$ reverses the trend for taller cows.

ICC-HLTH$.pngHealth (HLTH$) provides breeds for improved and sustainable health and longevity. High-ranking HLTH$ bulls have daughters with proper body condition, low somatic cell scores and excellent locomotion.

ICC-FYFT$.pngFertility and Fitness (FYFT$) emphasizes reproductive efficiency. Choosing bulls with high FYFT$ rankings results in optimal age of first calving, reduced days open and shorter calving intervals.

ICC-MABL$.pngMilking Ability (MABL$) includes mastitis resistance, milking speed and temperament, and udder form and function. ICC$ udder conformation is described as strongly attached above the hock with appropriate teat placement and length. MABL$ bulls enhance udder texture and manage the emerging trend of shorter teat length.

ICC-CABL$.pngCalving Ability (CABL$) focuses on live calves born without difficulty. High CABL$ sires, also high for ICC$, gives virgin heifers the best chance for a successful and profitable first lactation.

Additional Indexes
Sire Fertility: This powerful sire fertility index combines the national Sire Conception Rate (SCR) evaluation and the Genex PregCheck™ and SynchCheck™ analyses to identify those sires most likely to create pregnancies.

Robot Compatibility: The index identifies bulls with the desired mobility and leg placement, optimal teat size and shape, and improved milking speed for ideal performance in a robotic milking system. No sacrifice is made in genetic progress for yield, health, longevity or feed efficiency.

Outcross: The outcross list includes the best 25% of the Genex lineup with the lowest Expected Future Inbreeding (EFI), as calculated by USDA-CDCB.

High Style: Improve udders and overall conformation through use of the high style sire listing. The index combines the conformation portions of LNM and TPI: Udder Composite, Feet & Leg Composite, Final Score (PTA Type).