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Ideal Commercial Cow™ Index


Meeting the Needs of Today's Commercial Holstein & Jersey Cattle Producers

Based on your input, we've developed the Ideal Commercial Cow™(ICC$™) index, a sire ranking tool published exclusively by GENEX. The ICC$™ index comes in two versions - one specifically designed to meet the needs of commercial Holstein cattle producers and one specifically designed for commercial Jersey producers. These indexes meet the unique needs of each breed in today's commercial dairy environment.

Both versions of the ICC$™ index are based on real-time economic indicators, science-based genetics principles and data points from multiple sources. Additionally, both are composed of sub-indexes which enable you to narrow your genetic emphasis to specific management areas that match your herd goals.

For more information and to find out if the ICC$™ index is right for your herd, click an image below. 

ICC-Index-for-Holsteins.jpg  ICC-Index-for-Jerseys.jpg  

What you've been saying about the ICC$™ index for Holsteins:

“That’s why I like ICC$. It focuses selection on exactly what it says: the ideal commercial cow.”
     » Darin Dykstra, Dykstra Dairy, Maurice, IA

"If I were breeding cows, this is definitely the index I would be using. I like your objectives of improving body condition, reducing stature, improving feed efficiency, reducing SCS, improving reproductive and calving performance, etc. I agree 100% with all of the innovations you have built into this index."
» Dr. George Shook, Professor Emeritus, Dairy Science Department, University of Wisconsin-Madison