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» SCR Heatime®

SCR Heatime® is an advanced cow monitoring system designed to collect and analyze data that can be used for individual cow management and immediate decision implementation related to breeding, cow health and ration formulation. These systems successfully deliver insights dairy producers need, when they need them. Producers can choose between the cSense neck collars or eSense ear tags.

Use SCR Heatime® to:

» Recognize sick cows much earlier, which reduces time spent watching cows to identify those that are sick

» Use rumination data to detect potential health concerns

» Avoid over-treating animals and track successful treatments

» Identify stressors

» See how cows adjust to feed changes

» Identify more cows in heat and create a timeline for insemination

» Reduce hormone dependency by 50-80%

Choose from these monitoring solutions:

SCR Heatime® HR System: A standalone terminal system that provides a complete reproduction and health monitoring solution with no PC required. The intuitive operation and low maintenance system enable producers to work more efficiently and with greater confidence.

SCR Heatime® Pro System: A powerful PC-based cow monitoring solution that provides a practical tool for decision making based on unique data and actionable cow intelligence information. The SCR Heatime® Pro system created an advanced, centralized solution for reproduction and health monitoring.

SCR SenseTime™: A sophisticated, modular cow monitoring solution that delivers actionable information of individual cows and groups. The unique solutions offers varied application plan levels, payment options and user devices. All parts can be expanded or changed to fit evolving needs. Simple to install, use and maintain, and easily upgradeable.

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