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» Push™ Calf Nutritional Paste
» Push™ Calf Nutritional Paste


Dairy and beef producers can now give newborn calves an extra boost of energy with Push™ calf nutritional paste. Push™ paste is a blend of highly digestible proteins and energy components developed to help calves overcome low energy and disease challenges. The globulin proteins and high energy components included in Push™ paste help cleanse a calf's intestinal tract and energize the immune system.

Push™ calf nutritional paste was originally developed for newborn calves but can be a valuable energy source in many situations where calves face challenges. Push™ paste can be useful any time a calf is:

» Recovering from disease or infection.

» Not consuming adequate feed and acting lethargic.
» Transported over some distance, has become less alert or seems depressed.

» Scouring, not eating and losing weight. In this situation an electrolyte, such as NuLife® Oral Electrolyte, that aids in controlling the fluid balance within the calf should also be administered.

» Not consuming colostrum, or quality colostrum, immediately following birth.

The recommended dosage rate is one tube (30cc) of Push™ calf nutritional paste. If needed, a second tube can be given to the calf 12 hours later.

BuyNowWebButton.jpg Purchase Push™ paste on Profit Shop, contact your GENEX representative or call customer service at 1.888.333.1783.