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Board of Directors
Board of Directors

The Genex board of directors consists of 13 member-elected producers who utilize the cooperative's products and services. Each director represents a membership region.

 Genex Board of Directors


 Paul Greene
President, Region 2

John Ruedinger
1st VP, Region 8

Bobby Robertson
2nd VP, Region 6


Ronald Totten
Secretary, Region 3

Daniel Tetreault
Director, Region 1

Lamar B. Gockley
Director, Region 4


  Harold House
Director, Region 5

Kay Olson-Martz
Director, Region 7

Jon Wayne Danielson
Director, Region 9


Jody Schaap
Director, Region 10

Bill Zimmerman
Director, Region 11

Terry Frost
Director, Region 12


 Patrick Dugan
Director, Region 13


Paul Greene's family purchased their farm outside of Berlin, New York, in 1853. Today the operation - Mapledale Farm - is an LLC between Paul and his wife, Gerri, and their son, John. They manage and milk over 400 Holsteins. The Greene family relies on Genex for daily artificial insemination (A.I.) service, mating and consulting. As Paul has stated, "While A.I. is something we physically could do ourselves, having Genex provide that service enables us to do other things better - better focus on other management areas." Greene was first elected to the board of Genex predecessor Eastern A.I. in 1995 and has served on the Genex board since the merger, currently holding the President position. Since 2008, he has also been a member of the CRI board of directors.

John and Karen Ruedinger are owners of a progressive, third generation dairy in Van Dyne, Wisconsin. Ruedinger Farms Inc. is home to 1,350 cows, milked three times per day. The dairy utilizes daily tail paint and insemination service by Genex employees, breeds the top half of the heifer population with GenChoice™ sexed semen, and uses top percentile conventional semen on the remainder of the herd. A variety of Genex and AgSource Cooperative Services programs are used to mate, analyze and plan the future of the herd. Reudinger was first elected director for the Genex predecessor 21st Century Genetics in 1989 and has served as a director ever since. Ruedinger is a past President of Genex and the current Chairman of the CRI board of directors. He has also served on the Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin board of directors and the Fond du Lac County's Forage Council board of directors.

Bobby Robertson, along with his father, brother and wife LaDonna, raise cattle at Robertson Cattle Farms in northeast Oklahoma near the city of Tahlequah. The Robertson family raises 500-head of registered Angus and Angus/Hereford commercial cattle and farms about 1,400 acres. Robertson uses Genex genetics and A.I. supplies within the ranch's breeding program. Robertson served as a member-elected Genex delegate before being elected to the board of directors in 2009. In addition, he has been a member of the American Angus Association and the Northeast Oklahoma Angus Association.

Ronald and Barb Totten and their family operate a 620-cow dairy and farm 1,800 acres. The farm, known as Hy Hope Farms Inc., is located in Stafford, New York. Totten relies on both Genex genetics and A.I. service for the primarily Holstein herd. Totten has served as a cooperative director since the mid-1990s and is currently serving as Genex Secretary. The Tottens enjoy involvement in the local and agricultural communities; Hy Hope Farms has participated in Dairy Days in conjunction with the Genesee County Farm Bureau, bringing elementary school students to tour the modern dairy operation. The family also hosted collegiate students as part of the 2010 Northeast Regional Dairy Challenge competition. The Tottens excel in environmental stewardship, earning the 2011 Genesee County's Conservation Farm of the Year Award.

Daniel Tetreault owns and operates Hidden View Farm LLC near Champlain, New York, alongside his brothers Don and Dale. Today, the dairy consists of 700 milking cows and 525 head of replacement stock. Within the operation, the Tetreaults utilize Genex genetics and artificial insemination service as well as herd management supplies. The Tetreaults farm 800 tillable acres growing corn, alfalfa and grass. In addition to crops and cattle, they also harvest maple sap. Daniel holds an associate's degree in business and has served on the board for Cornell cooperative extension.

Lamar B. Gockley and his wife, Michelle, operate Willow Springs Farm LLC in Mohnton, Pennsylvania. The couple milk over 100 Holstein cows and have about 225 head total. They also farm around 275 acres. On the farm, they utilize Genex genetics along with Milking Gloves and Push calf nutritional paste. Lamar has been involved in the local community by serving on his church board. Previously, he was a state FFA vice president for the eastern region of Pennsylvania.

Harold House and his wife, Donna, are the owners of Dutchland Farm, a family farm in Nokesville, Virginia, that dates back to the 1880s. The farm consists of about 350 Holsteins and 1,700 acres of crop land. House is a graduate of Virginia Tech with a bachelor's degree in dairy science. Throughout his career, he has dedicated time to leadership in agriculture-based organizations. House served as a committee chair for the Farm Service Agency, a county agriculture advisory board member and a Virginia Holstein Association board member. He served as a Genex delegate before being elected to the board of directors in 2012. 

Kay Olson-Martz farms with her husband, Earl, and daughter, Doreen, in Friendship, Wisconsin. They raise 60-head of beef cattle along with steers and registered bulls. In today's operation, they use Genex beef semen, Calf Coats, NuLife® ReBOUND™, NuLife Oral Electrolytes and Push calf nutritional paste. They also farm 250 acres. Olson-Martz has held numerous leadership roles; she served as a supervisor for the Adams County board, clerk for her township and President for South Central DHIA. She previously served on the board of directors for the Rural Electric Management Council and the Adams County Farm Bureau. Olson-Martz has been a member of the Genex board since 2007. 

Jon Wayne Danielson, along with his father, brother, wife and two sons, manages about 90-head of registered Holstein milking cows and 100-head of young stock. They also farm 950 acres of corn, soybeans, oats and alfalfa near the Cadott, Wisconsin, dairy. The Danielsons utilize Genex genetics and A.I. service for their herd. Danielson is a member of Foremost Farms Cooperative, Equity Cooperative and River Country Co-op. He is also active in the Chippewa County Holstein Breeders' Association. Danielson served as a Genex delegate for 20 years before being elected to the board of directors in 1997.

Jody Schaap and husband Jeff own and operate Schmidt Dairy, Inc. in Woodstock, Minnesota. The family dairy consists of 350 milking cows as well as replacements and another 225 steer calves. They breed the bottom-end of their dairy cattle with Angus semen. On the crop side, the Schaaps farm 1300 acres devoted to corn, soybeans and alfalfa. In addition to raising three children, the Schaaps are active community members. Jody is a fire fighter and first responder for the local volunteer fire department and a junior high basketball coach. She and her husband have also served as AMPI district young cooperator program chairpersons.

Bill Zimmerman and his wife, Penny, own One Penny Ranch in Foley, Minnesota, and they raise Charolais, Simmental, Angus, Sim-Angus and Lim-Flex® cattle. In partnership with their sons, they also background calves and feed out cattle at custom feedlots. In their operation, the Zimmermans utilize Genex genetics, chute-side A.I. and custom semen collection services. They also market cattle through Central Livestock Association, a company of Genex. Zimmerman holds master's degrees in animal breeding and genetics and business administration. In addition, he has been an active member of several breed and cattlemen's associations. Zimmerman was elected to the Genex board in 2015.

Terry Frost and his wife, LaVonne, own Frosty Creek Angus in Roundup, Montana, where they raise 200-head of registered Angus on 5,000 acres. The Frosts incorporate both Genex genetics and chute-side A.I. service into their ranch's breeding program. Frost has been an active member of local and state Angus and stockgrowers associations including the Montana Angus Association, Montana Stockgrowers Association, Musselshell Valley Stockgrowers and Midland Empire Angus Association. He gained experience in cooperative leadership on his local electric cooperative board and was elected to the Genex board in 2015.

Patrick Dugan and his wife, Nadine, have operated Du-Brooke Dairy near Casa Grande, Arizona, since 1985. The operation consists of about 1,500 cows. Dugan is also the co-owner of Dugan Brothers Harvest Company. Being an active member of the agricultural industry and his local community is important to Dugan. He has served on boards for the United Dairymen of Arizona, the Dairy Council of Arizona, Farm Bureau and United Way. He served as a Genex delegate before being elected to the board of directors in 2012.

Genex Directors by Membership Region