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A.I. AccuCHECKSM service is a comprehensive observation and evaluation of a herd inseminator's technique designed to monitor performance and facilitate the exchange of knowledge and new information.

As part of the service, GENEX provides evaluations for:

  • Condition and use of reproductive program equipment including semen tank and breeding supplies
  • Heat detection technique and accuracy in dairy-preferred heat detection method
  • Semen handling procedures and technique
  • Insemination process (live cow and reproductive tracts)
  • Cleanliness and sanitation
  • Record-keeping related to the reproductive program
  • Synchronization protocols
  • Safe cattle handling

Additionally GENEX will:

  • Provide recommendations for improvement, including personal instruction and guidance
  • Provide regular follow-ups for continued personal development and skill building
  • Trouble-shoot reproduction issues
  • Educate on value of good repro and define why protocols are key to excellent reproductive performance
  • And more!

The success of a dairy's reproductive program is important as it directly affects the farm's bottom line. Through the A.I. AccuCHECKSM service and the assistance of a GENEX training specialist, on-farm inseminators are re-motivated to drive reproductive program success as they develop and refine their technique and learn the science behind the work.

To learn more about this service, contact your local GENEX representative.
Service not available in all locations.