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♦ Genex Combines Cow Sense and Science
♦ Genex Combines Cow Sense and Science

Genex Combines Cow Sense and Science

The Genex Cow Sense and Science internship was aptly named - that is exactly what kind of experience I had this summer. From learning the science behind synchronizing estrous in cattle, to the cow sense needed to efficiently gather and sort a herd of pairs, I learned many valuable skills that are useful in the beef industry.

My internship started in mid-May with a breeding project near Torrington, Wyoming. After some late nights, early mornings and inclement weather, I quickly learned helping on a breeding project is not for the faint of heart! I also spent a week in South Dakota with Darcy Krick, Genex Territory Sales Manager, and her parents, Duke and Marjean, and had the opportunity to help on several breeding projects. Throughout my internship, I assisted on projects varying in size from one cow to 1,500 head. During the projects, I learned to load guns, heat detect, as well as breed a lot of heifers and fine-tune my artificial insemination skills. It really broadened my perspective to work with so many different people and to see many different operation and methods of managing cattle.

The second half of my internship was spent on Double M Ranch in Orgeon. Working under Clint Sexson, who helps manage the ranch, I had the opportunity enhance my "cow sense" by gathering and moving cattle, sorting calves for weaning, riding through pairs to check calves, doctoring sick cattle and helping process feedlot cattle. After growing up on a ranch, it was really interesting to see the similarities and differences in management strategies that work for different people's operations.

The skills I learned in this internship will be valuable to me in whatever sector of the beef industry I decide to choose. I have gained knowledge in breeding and genetics, general management and grazing, identifying sick cattle and helping keep feedlot cattle healthy. I have learned to be more detail-oriented and adaptable to different situations and events that come my way. The Cow Sense and Science internship was a fantastic experience; I would recommend and internship with Genex to anyone interested in beef genetics and learning general cattle management skills.

September 2014