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Genex is first in the industry to introduce a beef sire fertility ranking model and data collection process. PregCheck is an evaluation of an individual sire’s frozen semen conception rate. PregCheck fertility rankings are a new way for you to create Profits through Pregnancies.

How to use PregCheck: PregCheck is set to a 100 base system, meaning a value of 100 is average. Every one point difference is then equivalent to a one percent difference in conception rate. For example, if Sire A has a PregCheck of 102 and Sire B has a PregCheck of 100, Sire A is predicted to be two percent higher in conception rate than Sire B.

PregCheck Frequently Asked Questions

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Find PregCheck evaluations in the Beef Genetic Management Guide and print publications. PregCheck rankings are also included on individual sire web pages.

Rely on high PregCheck sires from Genex to
consistently create pregnancies.