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PregCheck™ Fertility Rankings
PregCheck™ Fertility Rankings


GENEX is first in the industry to introduce a beef sire fertility ranking model and data collection process. PregCheck™ rankings are an evaluation of an individual ire’s frozen semen conception rate. The model and data collection process is a first of its kind in the beef industry.

How to use: Using 100 as the base, the fertility rankings are calculated s an index and designed to predict an individual sire’s rozen semen conception rate. For example, Bull A has a 04 PregCheck™ with 93% reliability versus Bull B with a 9 PregCheck™ and 75% reliability. At 93% reliable, Bull  can be used with confidence; he will perform 4% above he average of his contemporaries for conception rate, nd is likely 5% higher than Bull B for conception rate.
At only 75% reliable, there is still some uncertainty as to ow Bull B will actually perform over time until he is bred o more females. However, at this point Bull B is trending below the average of his contemporaries.

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Find PregCheck
™ rankings in the Beef Genetic Management Guide and print publications. PregCheck rankings are also included on individual sire web pages.