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♦ Building Marketing Equity in Your Herd
♦ Building Marketing Equity in Your Herd


In recent years one of the most asked questions has been: when are we going to rebuild beef cow numbers in the U.S.? No doubt the drought over the western U.S. has taken its toll and restocking will require more time as the range recovers. Another obstacle for cattlemen is the availability of water in many western states as demand from cities, industries an other agricultural sectors continue to grow. Many acres of grazing land have been converted to row crops thinking eight-dollar corn would last longer than it did. Let's face it, when the markets shift, the future looks bright, so many tend to jump on the bandwagon. In order to be successful in the cattle business you have to be passionate about what you do and enjoy the lifestyle regardless of the price of feeder cattle.

These are just a few reasons rebuilding cow numbers will be very challenging, and I'm not sure we need to be in a hurry to get back there. However, it can be done in a profitable manner by building marketing equity with the end producer in mind. Marketing equity is a value premium that a producer realizes because the product is easily recognized and is superior in quality and reliability. Genex customers such as John Barnhart, owner of JB Cattle Co. of Vienna, Missouri, and Herb Holzapfel from Willow, California, have capitalized on marketing equity for years by producing reliable products that consumers recognize.

The consumer of the future will want to know the production history of the commodities they purchase. They will demand products that identify how the animals were handled and cared for, are from known places of origin, and are healthy and safe.

JB Cattle Company is a family operation in the rolling hills of the Ozarks where fescue is the main forage available. This can be a stressful environment, as temperatures will vary from below zero in the winter to 100 degree highs with extreme humidity in the summers. John only uses Genex high accuracy sires to build "designer cattle" for this area. He wants cows that calve on time and can perform on stockpiled grass with very little feeding of harvested forage while still delivering a marketable package. The JB fall-born steers have been marketed the last 14 years on the April or May Superior Livestock video sale for August delivery. John sees a premium for these steers not only because of the exposure Superior Livestock gives him, but also from being able to market pot-loads of cattle that are consistent in size and type. All heifers are retained for replacements, and then JB markets all bred cows when they reach seven years of age. Eighty percent of these females are A.I. sired by Freightliner, New Day, Final Answer, Objective 3J15 and Right Answer. They see a premium for these females because of the consistency and quality from being A.I. sired. JB produces their own cleanup sires from their small registered herd using these same genetics. Currently, 1200 units of Thunder have been used in 2013 and 2014 to produce the next group of elite calves for this program. JB works closely with Dale Edwards, Genex Independent contractor, in utilizing the Genex chute-side service program to accomplish the synchronization and A.I. in a timely manner.

Holzapfel Ranch runs over 1000 cows between two ranches, one in Willow and one in the high desert area of north central Oregon. With over 25 years of A.I. using high accuracy sires Herb is able to offer many 1/2, 3/4 and 7/8 siblings to his bred heifer market. Uniform groups of steers are marketed on video auction when they reach 750 to 800 pounds.

In fall 2014, Holzapfel Ranch A.I. bred over 1200 cows and heifers utilizing Genex sires. With dedication to his A.I. program Herb predicts that 90% of his cow herd will be sired by Net Worth and Density within the next two years. Herb avoids using extreme calving ease sires on mature cows and prefers a six frame female. He contends that you cannot get close to having consistency and uniformity of your calf crop without using high accuracy A.I. sires. Geoff Bitle, Genex Independent Contractor, helps the ranch achieve this by assisting with their A.I. program.

Here are two different operations that recognize the value in building marketing equity by utilizing high accuracy sires to produce consistent cattle. By doing so, Herb and John market a uniform set of steers that command premiums, as these cattle are known to produce 60 to 70% Certified Angus Beef carcasses. The real bonus is the lifetime value of the females produced from these programs.

By utilizing Genex chute-side service and high accuracy sires we make it easy and affordable for cattle producers to ad marketing equity to their herds. So you'll see, at Genex we are about more than selling semen. For us, getting a female bred is the first step, not the last. Our goal is to offer customers the programs that will enhance their profitability and marketability. With cattle prices at an all-time high, now is the time to let us go to work for you by building marketing equity in your herd so you can be prepared for the future.

• Facility Design
• Stockmanship
• Team of People
Genex will assist you in breeding as many heifers and cows as can logistically be accomplished.

Synchronization & Products
• Consulting
• Scheduling
• A.I. Supplies & Equipment
Representatives will work with you to provide all the necessary supplies.

• Cow Sense & Science
• Proven Genetics
Representatives will work with you to choose A.I. sires that work for your environment and discuss the importance of selecting natural service sires which complement your A.I. sires.

Chute-Side Service
• Full Service Breeding Project
• Turn-key Synchronization and Arm Service
Genex provides well-trained technicians to efficiently and effectively complete the project.

• Steer Calves
• Replacement Heifers
• Additional Heifers to Sell
By utilizing superior genetics and front loading your calving season, you will have more pounds at weaning. Females can be put back in your herd or marketed as replacements. Steer calves can be sold or ownership retained to take advantage or premiums.

January 2015