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Ensure your calves receive quality colostrum at birth with Genesis colostrum products. Genesis colostrum products contain sufficient amounts of globulin protein from first and second milkings to achieve optimal calf nutrition and health.  

Genesis 150 Colostrum Replacer is to be fed instead of maternal colostrum, when colostrum is unavailable or is of questionable quality. This product contains 150g of globulin protein and should be fed as the calf's first feeding within two hours of birth. It provides everything the newborn calf needs in just one feeding, so the second feeding can be colostrum, milk or milk replacer. It is offered in the Perfect Udder® package.

Genesis Multi Colostrum Replacer & Supplement can be used as a supplement to or a replacer of maternal colostrum. It is available in a 13.2lb pail with a measuring cup included. Each scoop is equivalent to 50g of globulin protein, so you can mix one scoop for a supplement, two scoops for a partial replacement or three scoops for a full replacement.

The Perfect Udder® package is a clean, safe and easy method of feeding. It is a disposable package that helps minimize potential points of contamination and disease transfer between calves. Genesis 150, available in the Perfect Udder® package, contains a premeasured dose of colostrum product. Simply add water to the fill line and mix for 30 seconds.

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