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♦ A Smarter Way to Start
♦ A Smarter Way to Start

A Smarter Way to Start

Katie Wolf, Product Program Manager, CRI

Calves are the future of an operation, so ensuring they get off to a good start is imperative. That start - on their journey from birth to freshening - begins with colostrum.

To ensure good calf health and growth, colostrum must be strong, clean and fast. Colostrum needs to be strong enough, and by that we mean it needs sufficient IgG concentration to provide enough protection to the newborn calf - 50g of IgG per liter or approximately 21% BRIX. If you're using a colostrum replacer, be sure to purchase a product that contains at least 100g of IgG or globulin protein. Colostrum also needs to be clean enough to avoid infecting the calf with bacteria that could potentially cause disease such as Salmonella, Mycoplasma or Johne's disease. Lastly, it is important for colostrum to be fed quickly, as the calf's ability to absorb the large globulin proteins decreases significantly within the first 6 to 12 hours of life.

At GENEX, we understand the importance of colostrum quality and convenience. That's why we are offering Nurture colostrum products: Genesis 150 Colostrum Replacer and Genesis Multi Colostrum Replacer & Supplement.

Genesis 150 Colostrum Replacer can be fed instead of maternal colostrum, when colostrum is unavailable or is of questionable quality. The replacement dose provides 150g of globulin protein and should be fed as the calf's first feeding within two hours of birth. Genesis 150 provides everything the calf needs in just one feeding, so the second feeding can be colostrum, milk or milk replacer.

Genesis Multi Colostrum Replacer & Supplement is a highly concentrated colostrum product that can be used as either a supplement to or a replacer of maternal colostrum. It is available in a 13.2lb pail, and the cup needed to measure out doses for each application is already inside. To use as a colostrum replacer, just mix three scoops of Genesis Multi with 1.5 liters of warm water (110-120° F). To use as a supplement, simply mix one scoop of Genesis Multi with .5 liters of warm water. The pail contains enough product to prepare 12 replacement feedings or 36 supplement feedings.

While the Genesis Multi Colostrum Replacer & Supplement comes in a pail, Genesis 150 Colostrum Replacer is offered in a Perfect Udder® package - a clean, safe and easy method of feeding. It is a disposable package that helps minimize the potential points of contamination and disease transfer between calves. The package has a premeasured dose of colostrum replacer. All you have to do is add water to the fill line, shake for 30 seconds, then screw on either the tube or the nipple to feed the calf. After you're done feeding the calf, you can throw everything away. It's that easy! No more whisks, blenders or dirty dishes. Genesis150 Colostrum Replacer and Genesis Multi Colostrum Replacer & Supplement are your hassle-free, stress-free colostrum sources.

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April 2015