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♦ The Test of Time (And Progeny)
♦ The Test of Time (And Progeny)


Genex members and customers worldwide continue to demand highly proven, breed-leading genetics, and we've stepped up to the plate to deliver. Since 2011, Genex has made a concerted effort to realign Quest, our beef progeny test program, to meet this demand. We continue to add more Quest progeny test herds and breed more cows, compiling fertility, performance and carcass data from calves sired by Genex young sires.

Sires are used in multiple herds, both registered and commercial, throughout the U.S., in different environments, and under varying management. It is the scientifically sound, yet cowboy approved information that becomes the basis for our young bulls' first EPD data. Furthermore, Genex sales representatives often tour these herds to get firsthand exposure to progeny of Genex young sires.

Genex Quest Graduates — they've passed the test!

September 2014