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♦ What I Need to Know to Use A.I. on my Ranch
♦ What I Need to Know to Use A.I. on my Ranch


What Do I Need to Know to Use A.I. on my Ranch?

I've worked with beef producers for over 30 years now. Throughout those years, I've realized producers considering artificial insemination (A.I.) for the first time tend to ask many of the same questions – and they are great questions! In case you happen to be considering A.I. and Genex chute-side service, I'd like to answer these most frequently asked questions for you too.

1. What is the cost per pregnancy?
To answer this question, your Genex representative sits down with you. Together, you fill out a synchronization planner. The planner helps to estimate the herd's expected conception and pregnancy rates for A.I. This information is also included in a written proposal provided to you. in general range, the cost per pregnancy is probably going to run about $60 to $70 per head, but it can be less. If you compare this to the cost of a natural service sire, it's cheaper than purchasing a bull, maintaining him and using him for three years.

2. How much extra work will I need to do?
With Genex chute-side service, we try to make it easy. In most cases, you are responsible for cattle handling and synchronization. The amount of time and labor involved is dependent on the synchronization program that is chosen. On breeding day, you are responsible for getting cattle to the alleyway, and Genex does the rest!

3. how do I go about choosing A.I. sires?
Your Genex representative is an excellent resource. He or she can provide recommendations based on the  goals you have for your herd.

4. If you breed my cattle all in one day will they calve all in one day?
Animals that are bred in one day generally calve out over a 10 to 14 day period. University studies show that no more than 20% will calve on any one day.

5. How many natural service clean-up bulls are needed after synchronization and A.I.?
This is a tricky question, as the answer depends on variables such as the age of the natural service sires, size of pastures and terrain. Since the number of clean-up bulls will vary between operations, your Genex representative will consult with you to help determine the appropriate number for your individual situation.

I realize A.I. may not be meant for everyone, but it's also not that difficult to establish an A.I. program. If you have further questions on beef A.I. and Genex chute-side service, please email Stan Lock at or contact your local Genex representative. To locate a Genex representative near you, call or email Genex customer service as 888-333-1783 or


June 2015