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♦ Smooth Transitions with NuLife ReBOUND
♦ Smooth Transitions with NuLife ReBOUND

Kirsten French & Kenzie Smith, Resale Product Advisors, Genex

When a cow undergoes a stressful event, it can quickly lower her production an cut into your bottom line. There are many stressors that can affect you cattle: heat, crowding, a change in feed, etc. Even when simply moved to a new pen, a cow can produce 3.8 - 5.5% less1. However, the most common and stressful event for a cow is transitioning into lactation.

The transition period, three weeks before to three weeks after calving, is extremely important to the cow's health and production. Most health disorders occur during the transition period. As cows prepare to calve, their rumination slows down immensely, causing a drop in energy and critical nutrients. The abrupt stress of calving also suppresses inflammatory responses in the immune system which microorganisms, such as bacteria, capitalize on to cause disease2. Trillions of bacteria inhabit the digestive tract of a healthy animal; majority of these bacteria are beneficial, but some can be pathogenic. As long as the numbers of beneficial bacteria is high and the numbers of harmful bacteria are low, the animal will lead a healthy life. During periods of stress this delicate microbial balance is disrupted; the number of beneficial bacteria goes down, and pathogens take an upper hand. Excess growth of pathogens cause lesions in the gut, release toxins, etc. This can lead to disease resulting in clinical symptoms like bloody diarrhea, fever, loss of productivity and can even lead to death if left untreated. Therefore, it is important to quickly get the rumen back to its highest level of functionality to better help the cow combat negative energy balance, low nutrients and illness during transition.

NuLife ReBOUND, offered by Genex, has specifically selected microbials that work to outcompete undesirable bacteria and maintain pH, appetite, overall rumen health and digestion. This unique direct fed microbial supplement has guaranteed levels of three strains of lactic acid bacteria including Lactobacillus acidophilus, Enterococcus faecium and Lactobacillus casei.

L. acidophilus most notably produces organic acids as a byproduct of activity. This lowers the pH of the intestine, reducing the growth rate of harmful bacteria3. These organic acids are used as a source of energy in metabolism, helping to keep a cow productive during a stressful time. L. acidophilus also produces specific proteins which can inhibit the growth of bacteria such as salmonella, Clostridium perfringes and E-coli3.

Similar to L. acidophilus, L. casei produces organic acids which help lower the pH of the gut to maintain healthy microbial balance, appetite, digestion and productivity4.

Stable at pH 4-9 and temperatures above 100°F5, E. faecium is a strong army to have on your side. One of the modes of action of beneficial bacteria including E. faecium is competitive exclusion, meaning they out-compete pathogens for nutrients and adhesion sites in the gut wall, thereby keeping the number of pathogens to minimal levels. In addition, studies have shown cows supplemented with E. faecium during transition produce more milk than those that were not6. Among many attributes, microbial activity leads to production of B vitamins that help maintain appetite. Together, these three bacteria cover a wide range of issues helping to fill the holes left by a suppressed immune system.

"We feed NuLife ReBOUND cow capsules if a cow is over a week fresh and her stomach isn't healthy and she has dry manure. We give it to cows that need it. I don't like to stress a healthy cow. Our cows have a great response to it; they look much healthier. Their manure is normal. They're up eating. I love it because I know the product is reliable." - Martin Campos, Lakeview Farms, Bakersfield, California

By maintaining rumen health and appetite, a cow can glide through transition or any lfie event with the ration and management provided. Freshening, hoof trimming, vaccinations, changing pens and transportation between farms are all stressful life events in which NuLife ReBOUND has been used to help maintain rumen performance.

NuLife ReBOUND is used across the country in many ways at different times in a cow's lactation. NuLife ReBOUND is available in powder, paste or capsule, with multiple feeding options to support each individual dairy's management protocol.

References available upon request.

August 2015