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♦ Angus $Values Updated to Reflect Today's Market
♦ Angus $Values Updated to Reflect Today's Market


The Angus $Values such as $Weaning and $Beef have seen increased use by commercial and seedstock producers since their introduction several years ago. Indexes are a valuable tool for producers to make genetic progress for multiple traits at a time. However, as market signals change so must the economic assumptions used to calculate the indexes.

The American Angus Association utilizes a three-year rolling average to establish the economic values used in the indexes. On July 10, 2015, the American Angus Association implemented new economic values moving the $Values significantly. The most significant adjustments to the assumptions were:

Weaned Calf Assumptions:
Base Calf Price: $205 per cwt (updated from $180)

Feedlot Assumptions:
Fed Market Price: $140 per cwt. live (updated from $130)

Grid Assumptions:
Discounts for heavy weight carcasses will begin at 1000 pounds, which is up from the previous 950.

It is important to note the EPDs and EPD averages for the breed have not changed. Because the indexes include updated economic values, bulls have re-ranked slightly for respective indexes. In addition, the averages and percentile rank for the indexes have shifted. Below is a percentile chart that illustrates how the $Values now rank.


Cow Sense and Science Philosophy Results in $Value Leaders and Industry Firsts
At Genex, we have long believed in utilizing all the available data and technology to make the absolute best and most accurate selection decisions possible. Our balanced-trait selection approach has resulted in a beef sire lineup that excels for the $Value indexes.

We believe $Weaning epitomizes what Cow Sense and Science is all about. We work hard to offer sires that create hassle-free cow herds – calves that are born unassisted, vigorous at birth, and possess early rapid growth but moderate mature cow size. Females that are designed for longevity and don't require extra management when it comes to udders, feet or attitudes.

Genex is the industry leader in offering a diverse bull lineup that excels in $Weaning. The active Genex Angus lineup has 67 bulls that rank in the top 10% of the breed for $Weaning. These Genex sires represent a wide range of pedigrees, heifer and cow bulls, along with a range in mature size and milk to fit a variety of environments. We can help create more profitable cattle no matter the environment or breeding program.


The $Beef is a terminal index that ranks bulls that excel in feedlot and end-product performance. Our top 10 bulls rank within the elite 1% of the breed while 36% of our Angus lineup falls within the top 10% of the breed for $B! When you study our top 10 $Beef bulls, they also excel in economically relevant traits that drive profitability for cow/calf producers, including calving ease, weaning performance, fertility traits and disposition. As a matter of fact, the top 10 $B bulls rank in the top 5% of the breed for the $Weaning index. These Genex sires enhance the profitability and longevity of cow herds while creating progeny that add value throughout the entire beef production chain.


Beyond the $Values – Genex Brings You Industry Firsts!
Our comprehensive approach has lead to several industry firsts that impact the bottom line of beef producers. We are the first genetics company to publish sire feet pictures in our sire directory and continue to add feet photos on our website throughout the year.

Fertility is proven to be the single most important trait to any beef herd's profitability. We are the first and only genetic company to objectively evaluate sire fertility with our revolutionary PregCheck™ model. We are committed to helping you get more females pregnant. For more information on PregCheck and a current list of bulls with PregCheck scores, visit

At Genex, we are passionate about building profitable beef herds for our customers. We continue to utilize the industry's best indexes in addition to our balanced trait, cow sense and science selection process to make the very best beef sires available.

September 2015