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♦ Jumpstart Calves with Push
♦ Jumpstart Calves with Push

Kenzie Smith, Resale Product Advisor, GENEX

It was in the dead of night when Betsy decided it was time to calve. As it just so happened, Betsy didn't bother to let her caretakers know she was giving birth. What resulted was a newborn calf that had little interest in life. Fortunately, a worker, Gary, spotted the calf in the midst of doing chores. Gary attempted to get colostrum to the calf. "Come on, baby. You can do it. You need the energy." However, the calf just couldn't find the get-up-and-go to consume that important first milk. That's when Gary remembered the tube of Push™ calf nutritional paste sitting near the maternity pens. He grabbed the tube, fed it to the calf and continued with his chores. Gary checked on the calf an hour later, and the calf was up walking around and ready to consume colostrum. Gary knew instantly Push™ calf nutritional paste helped give the calf the energy she needed. Since that moment, Gary had a connection to the calf, and he boasts with pride today when he sees how far she's come. She's a healthy, happy heifer who's on her way to become an even better cow.

Newborn calves are born with no circulating antibodies, and it is only by transferring the mother's antibodies via high quality colostrum that the newborn receives a ready source of antibodies to fight diseases. While we often talk about newborn calves needing antibodies, they also require a large dose of energy from that first colostrum feeding. Therefore, by consuming colostrum the calf not only receives the needed antibodies but also the energy to get the immune system up and running.

In fall 2014, GENEX unveiled a product that can help producers ensure their newborn calves get off to a good start. The only product of its kind in the U.S., Push™ calf nutritional paste is a fast energy source available in paste form.

What is Push™ calf nutritional paste? Push™ calf nutritional paste, based on the properties of colostrum, is a blend of highly digestible proteins and energy components developed to help calves overcome stress, disease challenges and low energy reserves. It is a readily available source of globulin proteins and milkfat from colostrum and contains the natural fatty acids found in colostral fat, giving the calf a boost of energy. These fatty acids are designed by nature to help the calf thrive on its own. In addition, Push™ calf nutritional paste contains naturally found colostrum components (peptides and cytokines) that help prime the immune system beyond just the globulin proteins. By combining high levels of fat and proteins, the calf can have a balanced blend of these two key colostrum components immediately following birth.

Why use Push™ calf nutritional paste? Push™ calf nutritional paste is recommended for newborn calves to provide them with a burst of energy. This easy-to-administer energy source is also especially useful if the calf is not suckling. It's important to remember calves are born without circulating antibodies. Antibodies are a body's primary immune defense. Since a newborn calf doesn't produce its own antibodies until later in life, it is important the calf receives those antibodies via colostrum. When given Push™ calf nutritional paste immediately after birth, the product - with its energy components - can provide a calf with the get-up-and-go to consume colostrum. It also provides support to the calf while colostrum is being warmed or while the cow is being milked and colostrum is collected. By giving Push™ calf nutritional paste at birth the benefits can be seen sooner rather than later.

Push™ calf nutritional paste does not replace colostrum, colostrum replacers or supplements. However, the specialized formula is complementary to colostrum, so Push™ calf nutritional paste can be used along with it. Push™ calf nutritional paste can be used at birth to further enhance the benefits of colostrum feeding, including increasing the energy and antibodies absorbed from colostrum.

When to use Push™ calf nutritional paste? Any newborn calf can benefit from Push™ calf nutritional paste. However, it's especially advantageous in the examples below:

• When one cannot give a full dose of colostrum at birth.

• When quality of colostrum is questionable.

• When calves are born at night and few people are around to tend to the chores.

• When a calf seems depressed and has little interest in standing within the first hour of life.

While Push™ calf nutritional paste is beneficial to newborn calves, benefits extend beyond the period immediately following birth. Have a calf that is depressed, not eating, coming off a disease, transported any distance or just needs a push? Then Push™ calf nutritional paste was designed for them too!

For more information on Push™ calf nutritional paste, contact your GENEX representative.

December 2015