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Sexed semen has become a mainstay in strategic breeding programs. However, determining the most appropriate sexed semen product to use has become more difficult as more options have become available with differing fertility and price. That’s why GENEX created the ProspectiveSM program, a semen profit comparison tool.

The ProspectiveSM program is a free, value-added tool to help producers develop effective strategic breeding programs. The unbiased, Microsoft Excel-based program uses a dairy’s basic inputs to calculate how a semen product choice may impact profits. It shows the return on investment for a particular sexed semen product in comparison to conventional semen.

Whether using sexed semen on cows or heifers, the program is applicable. A one-page report summarizes the dollars lost or gained from a particular sexed semen product when used on cows or heifers.

Click here to access the ProspectiveSM program.

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